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Introducing Kalli…

As regular readers will know, I am a very firm believer in writers supporting each other and today I am ridiculously excited to share with you all a wonderful, brand new talent!

The very lovely Kalli has realised her childhood dream and published her first anthology of poetry, entitled “I Love you, (I know)”, which is available from Amazon and Createspace as a paperback right now and will be in eBook format very soon.

In her beautiful book, Kalli takes us on a passionate voyage through love, lust and loss, documenting the soaring highs and heart shattering lows of a turbulent D/s relationship. Reading her poems, no one could question the depth of Kalli’s love and devotion; her utter despair and pain that follows her lover’s rejection leaps from the page and tears at the reader’s heart. I think it’s fair to say that we all aspire to be loved, and to love, as fervently as Kalli does.

Her use of language and rhythm is a joy, making the book incredibly easy and pleasurable to read. She sweeps us up and away on a submissive’s journey through joy and heartbreak, though the light and dark of love; we, as readers, feel her every emotion with every word and every verse.

I simply cannot urge you enough to go purchase this beautiful anthology – I honestly do think this lady has a serious talent and I hope this debut collection will not be her last publication.

I wish her nothing but success with this book and I do hope that her heart heals and that she finds the love she so very clearly deserves… anyone would be lucky to be loved so well.

Why are you still here? Go buy the book here! 

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Book Release!


My extraordinarily talented friend Felicity Johns has once again triumphed with the release of her collection of original poetry entitled “Echoes On The Stairs”.

I was privileged enough to read Echoes in its entirety before it was released and held Feli’s hand, (virtually of course!), as she edited it, perfected the gorgeous cover and worked on its publication.

I can tell you she poured herself into this compilation; her labour of love, her baby!

Her verse is, unsurprisingly, pitch perfect as she sweeps us along on the journey of a love affair; tumultuous, tempestuous, turbulent and unendingly passionate.

My sole disappointment is that it is only available as an eBook, simply because it is so stylishly and beautifully designed I wish I could have it sitting proudly on my book case. But we can’t have everything. Maybe one day my gal will see her name in print, on bookshop shelves and in people’s homes… she certainly deserves it!

If you would like to own your own copy, or buy it as a gift for a friend, click this link and treat yourself. At only $3.99 it is insanely good value!

Congrats to you Feli my gorgeous soul sister! Bring on the next book!


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