Book Release!


My extraordinarily talented friend Felicity Johns has once again triumphed with the release of her collection of original poetry entitled “Echoes On The Stairs”.

I was privileged enough to read Echoes in its entirety before it was released and held Feli’s hand, (virtually of course!), as she edited it, perfected the gorgeous cover and worked on its publication.

I can tell you she poured herself into this compilation; her labour of love, her baby!

Her verse is, unsurprisingly, pitch perfect as she sweeps us along on the journey of a love affair; tumultuous, tempestuous, turbulent and unendingly passionate.

My sole disappointment is that it is only available as an eBook, simply because it is so stylishly and beautifully designed I wish I could have it sitting proudly on my book case. But we can’t have everything. Maybe one day my gal will see her name in print, on bookshop shelves and in people’s homes… she certainly deserves it!

If you would like to own your own copy, or buy it as a gift for a friend, click this link and treat yourself. At only $3.99 it is insanely good value!

Congrats to you Feli my gorgeous soul sister! Bring on the next book!


Have a peep at some free samples if you like…

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Interview With The Writer

My good friend and soul sister Felicity Johns, over on The Dark Night Chronicles, released her debut eBook Erotic Passsages on Februrary 11th. It is a deliciously dark collection of erotic poetry and prose from her blog, along with a few previously unpublished gems tucked away in there too. It makes a perfect gift, for your beloved, or for yourself!

It is available here for the bargain price of €1.99! Do yourself a favour and go get one! Thank me later!

To mark the occasion, I offered to interview Felicity and share the transcript. I think it makes very interesting reading and gives us an insight into the lady behind the screen. Enjoy!

Felicity, first of all, congratulations to you on the successful release of your eBook, Erotic Passages. Thank you for agreeing to be interviewed today!

Thank you, Kat, and thanks for having me!

You’re very welcome! You have many fans that would love to know more about you. Lets get started!

When did you first start writing? What drove you towards it?

Writing began as journaling for me, when I was in my mid-teens. I used to hand-bind my own diaries, using scraps out of my mother’s sewing basket for the covers. I’d fill them up with your typical teenage angst, vents and fantasies. That turned into poetry in my late teens. I honestly don’t remember where it switched over, it was like a gradual metamorphosis. My earliest short stories were fan fictions based around favorite TV shows. My aunt actually encouraged me from there.  The drive, I think, was just a need to express the frustrations of being the eldest of a large family. It was a way to scream about injustice quietly.

Ah yes! I was an avid diarist during my teens also! I found them a few years ago and cringed!

So Felicity, who are your favourite writers? What genres do you enjoy?

I enjoy romance, and love Catherine Cookson. Hard-boiled crime, like James Lee Burke and Robert B. Parker – Burke inspires me through the poetry of his imagery. His stories are hard, gritty, but his imagery is simple yet intensely beautiful; Parker’s dialogue always gets me. He can move a story and reveal a character with crisp, plain dialogue. I just finished Deliverance by James Dickie, amazing! I enjoy Stephen King, as well. Anne Rice’s Interview With a Vampire and The Violin really inspired me, though I find her more recent writing too self-indulgent.  And I am always on the lookout for new authors in a variety of genres. I love my Kindle! It gives me the kind of access I’ve never had, living in a rural area.

How or where do you find your inspiration? Can you talk us through your process?

Wow. That’s a tough one. It’s usually something very simple, like a word. Or a phrase. Just the way it sounds, and the picture it invokes; whatever it is that I see or hear, that is what I write about. I try to take everything I write down to the bare bones of the emotion behind it. Sometimes I feel like I succeed, and sometimes I miss it in entirely! As far as process, many times it is just a feeling, a frustration, something that I have to get out where I can examine it, or live it vicariously through a character. In those cases, I just start writing and see what happens.

That’s very interesting, I think writers are always interested in how other writers write… that sounds like a tongue twister!

So, to expand on that, what made you focus your writing on erotica?

The short answer? I love sex! The longer answer? For me, eroticism is a very basic, identifiable human experience, and a springboard for the deepest of our emotions. No matter what I’m writing, I want it to be felt. And I’ve always just had an instinct for pulling that out of my characters. I really don’t know how, or why, to be perfectly honest!

You? Love sex?! I think that will come as a great shock to your fans! Haha!

As you read other people’s erotica, are there any words or phrases you think are over used or that make you cringe? I know I have my pet-hates for sure. If I read “his member”, “his manhood”, or the word “panties” I gag, and not in the good way!

LOL Yes, there are definitely words/phrases that turn me off, and aside from ‘his puckered mancave’ ;). My biggest pet peeve is ‘cum.’ If I’m reading erotica, even really well done stuff, and I see that word, I’m jerked out of the story. For me, cum is sort of akin to ‘porn slang.’ It’s a challenge to write erotica without using over-used words – in fact, the biggest one for me. Sometimes I get completely stuck on what to call that cock when I have to mention it 10 times, without being repetitive. Also, if you’re writing an explicit sexual scene, I don’t like to ever see the word ‘love’ attached to a body part. Yuck!

I’m a blunt person. I like blunt language. So I use ‘cock’ and ‘clit’ and ‘asshole’ whenever possible. The goal is to not pull the reader out of the story, and just call things what they are.

You know what? I agree about the word “cum”! I hang my head in shame to admit I’ve felt pressured into using it a few times, but it never sits well with me. And I agree also that it is a challenge to select the words that are ‘just right’, whilst not repeating the same one over and over. I find it can sometimes be difficult to write without slipping into cliches, e.g.: waves of pleasure crashing over me, blah, blah, blah…

The Dark Night Chronicles and Erotic Passages both contain prose and poetry; do you prefer one writing form over the other? Is one easier or more natural for you?

I prefer prose. When it works, I’m always happier with the prose. But poetry is ‘easy.’ I don’t have to think to write poetry, it just, comes out.

Right! I find that some days it flows out effortlessly and others it’s like giving birth. Those are the days I shut the Mac Book down!

As a writer myself, I base most of my work on myself and my own experiences. How much of you is in your characters and stories?

Haha! Good question!  There are bits of me in every character I write… for instance, a certain experience or feeling that springboards a story, or a secret desire. Some characters are closer to the reality of me than others, but they all exhibit a part of me. And I can look back, years later, at a story and be instantly transported back to everything I was feeling and going through when I wrote it. Like certain smells do for some people.

Perfectly put Felicity! I totally understand that and experience that too.

Given that you focus on short stories, have you ever considered attempting longer work? Would you write a novel or novella?

I have considered a novella, yes. I have no real interest in longer works, as my attention span is short… my thing is to capture as much emotion in as few words as possible; I start losing my focus when I have to stretch the words. The thought of 50,000 words on one topic? No way!

I have thought of taking a series of short pieces and weaving them together into a longer work though. We’ll see if anything comes of it!

Like the Adam and Felicity series?

Yes, I have considered re-working it, once the story is finished, into it’s own complete piece.

I loved Erotic Passages and I certainly have my favourites in there. Do you have a favourite child? What stories or poems are closest to your heart and can you tell us why?

Thank you very much!  I’d love to know your favorites, as well!

The Third is my favorite. It just flowed, I wrote it quickly, and lived out a fantasy in it… and I feel very close to the characters, Elliot especially.  They feel genuine to me. I also love the atmosphere, the physical location, the horses… Everything about it just worked for me.

As far as poetry, I’m fond of Climactic, again, because I felt I expressed intense emotion with minimal words.

My favorite flash fiction piece in the book is True.

I love True too! My favourites are Woman, The Gift, and I LOVE the Carolina stories! Love them!

Have you another project you are working on and can you give us the scoop as to what it might be?

I have three cloth-bound volumes of poetry I wrote as a young adult. I am hoping to compile the best poems from those, and from TDNC into a volume of just poetry.

That is certainly something for us to look forward to!

Now for some quickfire fun questions!

Favourite sex position? Cowgirl! Sometimes I even wear the hat 😉

Haha! Funnily enough that’s mine too, along with the reverse mode!

What part of a man, (body or personality), turns you on? Shoulders/chest and Sense of humor

I’m a hands and arm girl, show me a defined forearm and I melt! I agree with you about humour. Plus the ability to have a real conversation!

Does size matter? No


Who would be your celebrity “free pass”? Paul Gross

Jamie Dornan, Chris Helmsworth, Norman Reedus… I could go on!

Would you sleep with someone you didn’t find attractive for $1,000,000? No!

This one I take the 5th

That was fun Feli! Did you enjoy it as much as I did?
I did! I think you missed your calling! 😉
I will offer you the last word… Anything you want to say?
Many thanks to everyone who has supported me on this amazing journey.

Thanks again sis! Now… Go! Write more filth!

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All rights reserved.