Sinful Sunday – D is for Denier


As soon as I saw this prompt I knew my photo had to be about nylon so I donned two different denier stockings and had a bit of fun with my iPad.

I hope you enjoy the contrast!

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Sinful Sunday… Eating Out


Molly’s prompt “Simple Pleasures” was so broad and had such a vast range of possibilities; I seriously doubted that I could settle on one image this week!


Last Saturday, as the OH and I sat bathed in the sunlight streaming through the floor to ceiling windows in a gorgeous restaurant, looking out onto lush, green hills, tall trees silhouetted against the cloudless horizon, it occurred to me that I was experiencing a simple pleasure right then. We had spontaneously decided to treat ourselves to lunch out, had enjoyed our meals and chatted easily, sharing laughter and thoughts. I looked down and my noticed the mark left by my favourite shade of lipstick on the while teacup. Thinking it was a cute reminder of our escape from routine, I whipped out my iPhone and took a couple of shots.

When I got home and played with the image, trying out different filters and effects I thought it would make a different sort of Sinful Sunday than anything I’ve submitted to date.

I think it fits the prompt and, furthermore, the idea of feasting on good food coupled with my cheeky lip imprint on the pure white porcelain is quite Sinful in itself! And there’s a tiny hint of arm porn from Himself in the background too… I do adore his arms.


I am really looking forward to seeing how everyone else interprets the prompt and what simple pleasures they share this week.

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Sinful Sunday… Copping A Feel


My little Bichon Frise, Lily, (AKA The Love Of My Life), likes to cuddle on my chest at night as I watch TV.

It feels blissful, the small but solid weight of her tiny head against me, her soft curls tickling my skin. We often take pictures of her when she does this. (To be honest, we just take a lot of pictures of both dogs!)

One night I looked down an her and realised her little paw had slipped slightly inside my cami top and asked the OH to come over and take photo. I complied some shots of us cuddling and decided to submit them as a lighthearted SinfulSunday.

The picture of her feeling me up made us both laugh… especially the final one where her eyes are slightly looking at him as he snaps the phone camera, as if to say, “What? I’m just lying here…”


And in case you’re wondering what the other pup gets up to at night…


She just lets it all hang out!


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Sinful Sunday… Watching TV


I was watching TV the other night in my pjs and cami, looked down and thought, “Hey! my boobs look pretty good!”, so I took a quick snap with my iPad. (Trust me… this is a highly unusual thing for me to think!)

This was my view…


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Sinful Sunday… After The Shower


As I dried off after my shower I took a few mirror selfies and thought I could use one for my Sinful Sunday… I had trouble choosing between two but finally settled on this…


Just out of interest… which do you think I should have gone with? This was my second choice…


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