Sinful sunday – Turning Point


I am making a one off return to Sinful because the prompt spoke to me this month. To understand why, click here.


no make up, sloppy tee, but happy


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Sinful Sunday – Goodbye

Sinful Sunday

I have participated in Sinful Sunday since March 1st 2015, and have enjoyed the challenge of coming up with a new image every week. I love the positivity of this meme and the amazing support to be found amongst the community here. I salute Molly for creating this safe space to explore and celebrate our sexual sides.

However, I am in a place right now where I simply cannot join in anymore. I have nothing positive to say about my body and I need to turn my focus elsewhere. Looking in the mirror is too hard and taking photographs is too much of a stretch for me.

I will continue to look at everyones images each Sunday, and will comment on them.

Maybe I will return, I cannot say right now.

Thank you all for the lovely comments and support you have so generously provided me with over the past 15 months.

I will bid you farewell with a smile, captured in my bedroom mirror.

All my SinfulSundays are here, if you want a trip down memory lane.


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I found this poem on Pinterest and decided to frame it…

Never trust a mirror

For a mirror always lies

It makes you think that all your worth

Can be seen from the outside

Never trust a mirror

It only shows you what’s skin deep

You can’t see how your eyelids flutter

When you’re drifting off to sleep

It doesn’t show you what the world sees

When you’re only being you

Or how your eyes just light up

When you’re loving what you do

It doesn’t capture when you’re smiling

Where no one else can see

And your reflection cannot tell you

Everything you mean to me

Never trust a mirror

For it only shows your skin

And if you think that it dictates your worth

It’s time you looked within        ~ e.h.


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My New Love Myself Challenge 1


So, I began a Love Yourself challenge on my other blog and have since abandoned it. The reason? It simply wasn’t working for me. I found the questions/tasks either too childish, repetitive or they actually triggered awful self-destructive feelings. So I stopped.

In the meantime a very dear friend of mine suggested I focus on one part of my body every day and think about why I ‘love’ it. (Yes, I put love in ‘’ because it’s such a challenge for me… I can say I like parts, but love is stretching it.)

Yesterday I chose my wrists because they are slim and delicate-looking and feminine.

This morning I got a text from my friend asking me which part I am going to love today. I replied “I’ve to do another part already?!” and was told yes. I decided to love my lips today and when asked why I said I liked their shape. I was then asked “and?” and was stumped.

I was told this:

“It doesn’t have to be a physical attribute, it can be how you feel when you are kissed, it can be the sensation of them on some area of hubby’s body. You are trying to develop a sensualist view of your body, not just concentrating on the physical.

Each bit of your body has a sensory element as well as the purely physical. So, for example, if you pick your boobs, don’t just concentrate on size and shape, think about how you feel when they are touched, or when hubs compliments them.”

 Wow! I never thought to approach my body with this perspective, ever.

For me, it’s pretty revolutionary!

So, because my friend has invested the time and effort into trying to help me I decided to embrace the challenge. It is a much more positive approach than the challenge I attempted before. I do not think it will be anywhere near easy, but I think it might be worth the effort.

I love my lips.

They are a very nice shape. For years I complained they were too thin but these days I really like them.

They are very sensitive. I loved them to be touched, tickled, carressed. I often stroke them absentmindedly myself.

I love applying lipstick to them. I have quite a collection of them.

I like how they look when I smile.

I love to talk and I talk fast so I suppose my lips get quite a workout!

I love the pleasure they can bring to the OH when I kiss his lips or ‘certain’ parts of his body.

I like to kiss with them, softly… or have them bitten while being kissed roughly.

I love that my lips can be very expressive.


So there! Reasons, apart from the physical, why I love my lips.

I wonder what I will focus on tomorrow?


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365 Questions Day 12


Day 12:

Funny that… I was in a good mood just thirty minutes ago, feeling positive and in control. Then I answered a question in the other challenge I am doing on my other blog.

It is called the Love Yourself Challenge and the question was to find a photo of myself that I loved and write about why I loved it.

I am annoyed that I reacted so badly to it…

If you want the details…



365 Questions Day 1

The wonderful Marie Rebelle is doing a year long journalling challenge called 365 Questions and invited other bloggers to join in. Always one to try something new, I opted to have a go!

Here we go!


My number one goal this year is to achieve balance in my life and get my health and fitness in order again.

I have blogged ad nauseam about this topic and wont bore you all again… if you want to read my past posts about it they are found on my other blog.

I hope I can achieve this goal as it will be truly life-changing.


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