The Kiss

I stare at his mouth while he speaks. His upper lip is fuller than the lower one. His mouth turns down slightly at the corners, giving him a rather stern expression that does not match the gentleness in his eyes.

I watch his lips move and wonder how they would feel on mine.

How would he kiss me? Would he be tentative, unsure? Or confident and insistent, dominant?

Would he lean down slowly, teasing me, breathing softly against my cheek before softly pressing his lips to mine?

Would he lick my lips before kissing them? Nibble?

Would he kiss me lingeringly, leaving me gasping for air? Would he pull back, open his eyes and look into mine? Maybe smile.

Would he open his mouth, his tongue prying my lips apart? Would he explore me? Would he be tender or forceful? Cup my chin gently, or would he grab my hair and pull my head back to stretch my throat? Would he be hungry for me, devouring my mouth with his?

How would his tongue feel against mine? Soft? Rough?

How would he smell? Does he use aftershave or just soap? Maybe I would inhale and grow dizzy on his own distinctive scent…

What would he taste of? Coffee? Alcohol? Smoke?

How would his stubble rub against my soft skin? Would he take care not to cause me discomfort, or would his passion make him forget himself?

Where are his hands? Still holding my face or head, or have they travelled to my waist, my ass, between my legs? Would he slide his fingers up under my top? Or down under my jeans?

Would I moan, hear my own heart beat drumming in my ears? Would I feel his heart against my chest? Would I feel him harden against my stomach?

Would his lips leave mine to explore, his tongue languidly tracing along my jaw towards my earlobe and down to my collar bones? Would I arch my back to give him easier access? Of course I would.

By now, have my hands found his hips, his ass? Would I be grinding against him, wet and wanting more? Of course I would.

Would he make me wait? Make me ask, beg even? Or would he step back, lift off his shirt and undress in front of me, revealing himself and leaving me in no doubt about his intentions? Would I follow suit or have him strip me?

Would he kiss my breasts, lick my nipples, suck them and bite them? Would his fingers delve inside me, spreading me, stroking me, making me squirm?

Would he take me right there, on the floor, laying me down and fucking me hard, or would he bring me to bed?

My eyes slightly glazed over, I become aware that he has stopped speaking. He is looking at me, waiting for my reply…


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F4TF #2… The Fine Line



This week’s F4FT conundrum is…



In a monogamous relationship what constitutes cheating?

Is sexting cheating? A stolen kiss at a party? What about enjoying sexual fantasies about a co-worker or your spouse’s friend?

Where is the line?

Well… this is a thorny one!

Obviously sleeping with someone who is not your partner is cheating, that’s a given. But what about sexting? A kiss? Fantasy?

I think the old adage that if you feel the need to hide what you are doing then chances are you are doing so because you know it is wrong…

So, if you have messages or pictures in your DM or inbox that you would not want your partner to find, or if you have a second phone or secret social media account that your partner knows nothing of, perhaps you need to ask yourself why. If you are happy to tell your partner that you received sexy pictures or that you flirt with people via social media or text, then its out in the open, you can discuss it and decide if it is a threat to the relationship. The OH knows I am a tremendous flirt and I have his permission to be myself online… within limits obviously!

As for a stolen kiss… I think if that’s all it was, a momentary lapse in judgement or control, then it isn’t cheating. If more happened, or if it developed into more, then yes, you have entered cheating territory. Whether or not to tell is another issue. If it really was nothing, perhaps a drunken fumble, then being honest could potentially do more harm than good. It’s a matter of weighing up why you would tell: is it because it would just ease your conscience or is it because you feel there are deeper issues that need to be discussed between you and your partner?

As for fantasising about friends or colleagues… I think if we called this cheating it would be a sad day for us all. As with flirting, a little fantasy is harmless fun and, in my opinion, completely natural. Just because I am married does not mean I don’t notice attractive people. I frequently have sexy dreams about all sorts of people I know… albeit some more welcome than others, we can’t help what we dream of!

A little day dream fantasy about someone is fine in my book. It really only becomes an issue if it is a constant thing, if all you can think about is that person. If that is the case I think you need to see it as a warning that maybe you are developing feelings for your crush.

I am sure many of you will have very different thoughts on this issue. I think the most important thing is to be with someone who shares your feelings about monogamy and when you cross that line onto infidelity.

Each to their own. Be happy people!


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TMI Tuesday… Sexy is…


1. What is your kissing technique?

I like a slow, lingering start, just lips meeting, gradually opening and gently exploring with the tip of the tongue. As the passion builds, the kiss deepens and there may be some gentle biting/sucking of lips. I like to kiss more than the lips too: face, eyelids, throat, chest… and so on!

I HATE feeling like I am having a dental examination and if your tongue goes anywhere near the back of my throat I will withdraw! Gross!

2. When do you feel most sexy?

When I feel comfortable and relaxed.

Or, of course, when my crazy hormones declare themselves active! I can be ridiculously horny during my period, and as a result I can tell you that no, orgasms do not do a thing for period pain… not for this lady anyway!

3. Which of these most resembles you
a. I exude male sexiness
b. He-man, think sexy lumberjack
c. Call me the Ladies Man
d. Curvy, sexy and all woman
e. Tomboy, kitten with a whip type  👍  Me! Except I’d rather the whip is used on my ass!
f. Girl next-door
g. Sexy nerd  👍  I find intelligence and knowledge intensely sexy and I am proud to be a nerd/geek/dork…

4. What makes for a sexy meal?

It depends entirely on the person you are with.

A picnic is always fun and sexy, even if it is one served on the floor of the living room.

It must involve laughter and discussion, that is non negotiable.

5. What are some of your seduction techniques?

If I am really in the mood and He hasn’t picked up on it, I know all I have to do is go upstairs, change into some stockings or hold ups, put on a cute little lacy number and casually wander into whatever room he is in. It always gets the right response!

Otherwise my MO is to laugh a person into bed.

6. What’s sexier? Why?
a. beer
b. wine
c. mixed alcoholic beverage
d. iced tea

I am a red wine drinker mostly, but in terms of sexiness I think it’s hard to beat a cocktail, especially when it is made with skill and  suavity. Oh yes!

Bonus: Are you hot as in sexy? How can you share your sexiness with the world?

I don’t think of myself in those terms at all.


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Happy TMI Tuesday!

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