Holy Grail

“James’ Street station. Please stand clear of the doors.” The automated voice crackled as the train slowed to a stop.

Rain beat against the clouded window. He pulled his long legs in from the aisle to allow fellow commuters to disembark and watched more people pile aboard. The smell of damp flooded his nostrils as wet coats crammed against each other.

The seat opposite him creaked as a young woman sat down, shaking her damp hair out of her eyes. Sighing loudly, she slumped against the faded, worn fabric and sniffed. His attention spiked, he looked up, noticed she was pretty; small, blonde, with a pale complexion, except for her nose, which was pink from the cold. She sniffed again. He smiled and returned to checking his emails.

A sudden gasp from across the table stilled him. Looking up from under his brows he watched as her eyes closed and lips parted slightly. She froze for a second, a tiny frown furrowed her brow and her hand moved involuntarily to her face in a fanning motion. He tensed, holding his own breath and waited. Another rapid inhale of breath and her shoulders rose, her chest expanded and her head fell back, exposing her throat. His pulse quickened. Her face creased, she curled up slightly and the cutest noise escaped her as she stifled her sneeze. Slightly frustrated by the anti climax, he closed his eyes and concentrated on his breathing. He enjoyed the illicit thrill of his secret voyeurism. To anyone else, this was just a girl with a cold, but for him… so much more.

She sniffed as she rummaged through her bag, producing a ragged tissue from its depths. His eyes snapped open. Once again, he felt her urge to sneeze build up. He sensed the uncontrollable compulsion for release battling with her need to rein it in. Her eyes were pressed tightly closed, allowing him to watch her quite freely; to see her face contort into a pretty little grimace and her chest heave as she fought to retain control.

“Ahhhhhh…” she breathed. His blood pumped, he felt himself harden and his heart raced, “Choooooooooo!” she fell forward burying her face into the tissue.

For that exquisite second, she was completely herself; vulnerable, exposed, her polite social mask had slipped to reveal her true self – her mounting tension and explosive release reminiscent of a sexual thrill. His cock throbbed, pulsing and straining against his trousers. He shifted his weight in the seat.

“Haaaaaaaahhhhhh…” she sighed, her breath hitched. Once again, her face and body tensed.

He carefully, discretely activated the video on his iPhone to capture her rapture for his own private enjoyment later, as he realised, with increasing excitement, that she was the holy grail for a man like him – a multiple sneezer.


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F4TF #16 – Kinky Fuckery


I discovered that I found it actually surprisingly difficult to answer my own question this week! So, I present a bit of a meandering post… apologies.

Do you have any fetishes? Will you tell us about them; what they are, why you enjoy them, maybe how you developed them? Are you ashamed or embarrassed by them or are you happy to be open about them? Do you think they are unusual?

Yes! Yes I do!

It’s no secret that I love to be hurt during sex – slapping, spanking, whipping, pinching… groan… I love to see the marks afterwards and feel the residual aches.

I adore being bound by rope, cuffs, his belt. A firm hand around my throat is always welcome.

I rarely have sex without a blindfold these days. I get off on the vulnerability of it and the sense of not being in control.

I am dying to try some blade and needle play but I need to get the OH on board with that first.

I have an exhibitionist streak, in so far as I loved to be watched as I play. Again it is the feeling of being vulnerable, exposed, being used in a way for someone else’s pleasure.

I am a submissive and as such I like to be controlled during sex, used. When I await him, in position on my knees, blindfolded and in whatever he has instructed me to wear, I tremble with anticipation for what he has planned for me. I physically shake and shiver. It’s deeply psychological.

I also identify as a little, and while this is not actually a sexual thing for us, it is technically a kink I guess. We do not engage in age play; it’s more so just who I am, childlike and playful in everything I do. On second thoughts, it is not a kink or fetish as I derive no erotic pleasure from it, it really is just me.

I am not sure it extends to fetish level, but I do really, really love a man’s hands and forearms… for me they are sexy as hell.

I do enjoy a certain amount of medical fantasy, but that’s all the detail you’re getting!

I can get incredibly turned on my accents and foreign languages – German and Russian in particular make me melt. Remember Jamie Lee Curtis’ character in A Fish Called Wanda? That’s me! (I even indulged in my love for German into a story.)

I do like a uniform! I cannot possibly divulge my favourite one though as it is pretty out there and, while I am not ashamed of it, I fear that it might put people off if I told you. I also have a particular ‘thing’ that I like that I am not comfortable sharing with you… it’s too personal.

Where my kinks come from I do not know. I think perhaps it’s a bit like magic… if I examine the ‘why’ too much it will lose it’s… well, magic!


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Kink As A Therapy?

I recall once reading an article on Fetlife about the use of kink as a form of therapy, especially in terms of recovery from sexual abuse. I no longer use Fet and am trying to do some research on this topic but I’m not having much success.

Then it occurred to me that I have a wealth of resources at my finger tips right here in the form of other kinksters and sex bloggers! I would be so grateful if you could share any information you have on this subject.

I’d appreciate any and all help you can offer.

Thanks guys and gals!

Love y’all!


  • note: I am in no way suggesting that people who enjoy kink or fetishes are doing so because they are damaged or broken as a result of having experienced sexual, physical or emotional abuse. Studies have shown that this simply is not true. Please don’t let this query become a debate about that.

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An Interview With The Writer #1 Kilted Wookie

FullSizeRenderToday I launch my new project called ‘An Interview With The Writer’! (AIWTW)

My good pal Kilted Wookie very generously offered to be my first subject. If you haven’t already discovered his blogs, (he has provided links in his responses), I can wholeheartedly recommend you pop over and peruse them for quality erotica, opinion pieces, haiku and some really cool photography.

If you are a writer and would like to be featured here you can DM me on twitter or just leave a comment on the AIWTW page.


The Kilted Wookie speaks…

So, let’s start at the beginning – which came first, writing or blogging? Can you tell us a bit about how it all began for you?

The writing came first. I wrote my first story way back in 2001. I’d been reading some stories at literotica.com. Some of it was excellent, some of it was dire. Sadly much of what was written by the male writers fell into the latter category. I decided that I could probably do better than that, so I decided to give it a try. The rest, as they say, is history.

The blogging came much later. I wrote a guest piece for Horny Geek Girl back towards the end of 2014. Around about the same time, she and Charlie Powell (of sexblog of sorts fame) were discussing the need for “more cock on #SinfulSunday”. Eventually, they persuaded me to take the plunge, and I posted my first submission to Molly’s meme in January 2015. The blog just grew from there.

What made you decide to focus on erotica?

No real reason. The stories I wrote seemed to be generally well received, so I kind of took that as a motivation to continue.

Do you see erotica as different to pornography? How so?

Very much so. With pornography you have the images; very little is left to the imagination. With the written word, you have the outline of the story as told by the writer, but you can use your imagination to supply your own imagery. You can put yourself in the story if you want, making yourself an “active” participant, or you can treat it as a voyeuristic experience.

Do you write from personal experiences or are your stories fantasy based?

A bit of both. There is generally a factual element to most of my stories. The degree of fact to fiction depends on what I’m writing. Obviously, I know what it feels like and tastes like to go down on a woman, I know how it feels when a woman sucks my cock, I know what it feels like to be have my cock inside her cunt, so I can draw on those feelings and sensations to flesh out my writing. Some of the scenarios my characters find themselves in also come from actual experiences. A lot though, is imagination.

Can you tell us about your writing process? What inspires you? Where do your ideas come from?

Generally, an idea forms, I toy with it in my mind for a period of minutes/hours/days until I have a good idea as to how I want it to work, then I just sit down and splurge. Most of what I write is done in one sitting.

The ideas come from different places; chats I’ve had with people online and in real life, posts that other bloggers have written, articles that I have read elsewhere, and the sex I have actually had.

Your blog is a great mix of fiction, opinion pieces and poetry. Which form of writing do you find most enjoyable? Why?

I enjoy it all. Each has its own challenges, and each has its own rewards. When I started out, my stories tended to be more, full-length, essay type. I would spend almost as much time developing the characters and the scenarios as I did describing the sex. More recently I’ve been working on flash fiction. This has its own challenges; trying to fit all the components of a longer story into around 500 words.

In a way, my haiku are quite similar. It is a very rigid and restrictive form. Trying to condense an idea into exactly seventeen syllables, that conveys the intended meaning and yet still, hopefully, arouses is challenging.

My thoughts and opinions are exactly that. They give the reader an insight into me and the way my mind works. I never claim to be representative of anyone other than myself. That’s the beauty of this community; there are so many views and opinions drawn from so many different viewpoints and experiences. We may not always agree with each other, we may not all like the same things as each other, but we can share our thoughts on matters to an audience that is generally receptive and respectful towards them

What, if any, aspects of blogging or writing challenge you?

I think, like everyone, coming up with new ideas. There are only so many words you can use to describe sex, so you need to set the context. It’s the setting and the characters that make the story. The “hard” bit is getting the scene set. Once you have that in place, the sex itself is fairly easy.

Yes, I agree, coming up with new ideas and new ways of describing sex can be very difficult. On a more personal note, have you found that your dyslexia has presented any specific challenges for you as a blogger?

Not really, no. Probably the most obvious manifestation is the high contrast theme I use on my blog. I appreciate that some people may find it a bit of a strain, but it makes my life a lot easier.

We both have talked openly about our mental health issues; do you find your creativity can be affected by your mood?

It seems to be something that is very prevalent within our particular community. I think my mood is very central to who I am and, yes, it does affect me. When I’m particularly low, the ideas don’t come and, even when they do, the motivation to translate them on to screen in written form just sometimes isn’t there.

On the other hand, because it is so prevalent in our community, my fellow bloggers and Twitter pervs are all wonderfully supportive. I suspect, because we are so used to taking and being open about something as “taboo” as mental health, it perhaps makes us more able to speak openly about subjects like sex, sexuality, kink, etc. There again, I could just be talking bollocks.

Yes! You make an excellent point there, we are a very open and honest bunch in the kink community. I think ever so slightly differently; that perhaps it is because we are so open discussing sex that, in comparison, mental health might seem not as taboo to us as to the more vanilla community. But yes I agree that the support offered is incredible.

Given that you enjoy kink and aspects of D/s, have you any specific kinks or fetishes? Do they feature in your writing? (And before you say it… we know about your love of all things boobtastic!)

I do find it easier to write about the types of sexual activities that I enjoy, be it D/s or “vanilla”. In a way, when I’m writing about these things, I am mentally doing/reliving them, so it’s much easier to write about things that I enjoy and am comfortable with. Given that, as I said before, there are elements of fact in pretty much all of my stories, I guess it’s probably fair to say, if my characters don’t do it, it’s probably something I don’t do, or don’t particularly enjoy doing either.

As for fetishes, I do have bit of thing for glasses.

*Pushes her specs up and wiggles her eyebrows…  👓

You are a keen amateur photographer; tell us how you got into this hobby. Do you think you have a distinctive style?

I’ve been taking photos for as long as I can remember; it’s a bit of an addiction. The advent of the phone camera has only fuelled it. There is probably hardly a day that goes by where I don’t see something that has me reaching for my phone to capture it.

I think digital photography has maybe made us a bit sloppy. We can just point, shoot, and if it doesn’t work, delete and try again. There’s no limitations of only having 12/24/36 exposures on a film to play with. On the other hand, such freedoms allows us to be more experimental; it doesn’t matter if we take 20 crap photos to find that one that we like. And, of course, we can now see our results instantly; no more waiting several days to get them back from the chemist. So, yeah, I doubt I’d have taken the sort of photos I post on #SinfulSunday or my Tumblr Blog if I were still relying on the local chemist to develop my snaps.

As for style, the one thing that I do is to work almost exclusively with available light. I try to avoid using the flash wherever possible. I’m trying, as much as I can, to capture the image as I see it in its “natural” conditions.

Haha! Yeah I remember the thrill of picking up newly developed photos too and hoping they all came out well. And yep, thank fuck for instant and private processing… I cannot imagine my Sinful Sunday contributions would be very sinful if I had to send them away!

I know, like myself, you participate in several blogging memes, but do you have any that are particularly close to your heart? Why so?

I am really enjoying the Click Click 365 project that I am participating in with my fellow photographers, F dot Leonora, Exposing 40 and The Other Livvy. I am, of course a huge fan of #SinfulSunday because of the way it promotes body positivity and for the sheer quality of the images that the participants post each week. Then of course, there is our very own Food For Thought Friday, which is a lot of fun trying to think up questions and I really enjoy reading the responses of the bloggers that take part.

Ah yes, our wee baby, F4TF! I am really enjoying the Click Click 365 blog and I must say Sinful Sunday is one of my very favourite memes, for exactly the same reasons you gave.

What do you read for enjoyment? Have you any hobbies outside of writing and photography?

I think it’s fairly obvious that I am quite passionate about rugby. I am also an avid reader, mostly science fiction and fantasy, but throw in some good crime drama too. The authors in my book case include Isaac Asimov, Robert Heinlein, David Eddings, Ian Rankin, Christopher Brookmyre, Ben Aaronovitch, Harry Harrison, Arthur C Clark and many others.

Tell us something new and surprising about yourself… something we do not already know!

Um, well, I have brown hair, brown eyes, I’m about 5’10”, strong/stocky build, I have the requisite number of legs, arms and heads, and I can play the trombone.

Haha! Well I did not know that! There appears to be no end to your talents Wookie!

Thank you so much for being my first ‘An Interview With The Writer’ featured blogger, and for responding with such interesting and honest answers. Mwah!  💋


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Sexy Shopping

Since embracing and exploring my kinks, every shopping experience has changed for me.

The OH and I  have been known to explore the kitchenware section in TKMaxx in search of a good spatula or wooden spoon, and yes, he has tested its sting on the palm of my hand or my thigh! A trip to the Army Surplus Warehouse ended up with us purchasing some very nice rope, again, I could not resist tying some on my arm in the shop. He laughed at me when I picked up some sort of clamp device or other and gave a cheeky eyebrow raise.

I have already blogged about one incident in the pet shop where me being my naughty Little self caused a bit of panic on my account and delighted laughter on his.

Today please allow me to share my latest act of eejitery with you all…

The OH needed some manly DIY bits and bobs which resulted in the two of us wandering the aisles of B&Q at the weekend. As he browsed through various nuts and bolts I spotted the chain section. I have always loved the feel of metal chains against my skin. (In fact it was at the tender age of 19 that I first introduced the OH to the joy of chains in the bedroom, but that’s a story for another day!) I couldn’t resist wrapping different thicknesses of chains around my wrist to see how they would feel. They looked so pretty I took a few quick snaps with the iPhone to compare them later.


There was a sweet older lady just a few steps up the aisle from me checking out some wire mesh, so I turned my back to her as I played with the chains in order to save her the sight of my mild kinkiness.

Bored, because he was still engrossed in his search for the perfect bolt or whatever, I roamed some other aisles until I came to the timber section. At the end of the aisle there was a tub of very thin, long strips of wood, cane-like in appearance – so you know what happened next right? Yeah… I selected one and listened to the delicious ‘whoosh’ and ‘crack’ as I snapped it through the air. I really wanted to see how it felt. As I stood, oblivious to other shoppers, caning my left hand quite hard, smiling to myself, I didn’t notice the same sweet older lady at my shoulder. Her voice startled me and made me jump, “Good for a spanking aren’t they?!” she grinned at me, a wicked glint in her eyes. I burst out laughing and, speechless, simply nodded to her. She walked away, still grinning. I ran back to the OH, still holding the cane, to tell him.

He was delighted and roared with laughter as well as asking me if I will ever learn some public decorum… unlikely I suspect.

When will I ever learn to control myself?


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