Enter The Darkside

You might have noticed that I have been enjoying writing some slightly darker tales of late, featuring such delights as kidnapping, stalking and murder.

I decided to group them all on one page called… you guessed it

Enter The Darkside!

I hope to add more dark and twisty stories of the evils we humans are capable of inflicting on each other.




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Stranger Danger

I wake; my head pounding.

It’s dark, except for a small white light in the corner.

I am wedged firmly in place, my wrists bound by tape. The scent of diesel fills my nostrils and, as my mind clears, I grasp that I am moving. Panic builds inside me with the realisation that I am in the boot of a car.

The white light turns to red. I hear the squeal of breaks on gravel.

Footsteps outside, the lock clicks, cold night air rushes in.

His low voice taunts me, “Didn’t your momma ever tell you, never talk to strangers?”

Thanks to Lynn for alerting me to Moral Mondays. See the moral, write a tale in 100 words or fewer. See here for the rules.



Copyright, 2016, illicitthoughts.wordpress.com

All rights reserved.

Taking Emilia

Her skin is flawless alabaster, smooth and cool to the touch. Her cheeks pale, expect for the slightest hint of pink flushing the apples beneath her clear crystalline eyes, which are generously framed by long, doe-like brown lashes. Honey coloured waves hug her perfectly proportioned shoulders and cascade down her back to her narrow waist. My fingertips softly brush some hair back from her collarbone, exposing the curve of her upturned breast, her nipple the palest shade of pink. A defined line runs between her breasts down to her navel, marking the place where her hips begin to swell into a pleasing figure 8. My eyes take in her flat stomach, smooth all the way to the tempting V where her thighs meet in a coy cross.

Emilia remains still, unblinking; the perfect woman… My perfect woman.

I have loved her since the first time I saw her as I passed the store one day. Her immaculate, unblemished skin all but stole the breath from my lungs. Once I started working there, I noticed how her silent tranquility filled any room she was in. I knew then I had to have her. I had to make her mine.

I had waited in the toilets after closing time, until I was sure everyone had left the building – we are alone, Emilia and I. I have the car ready beside the fire exit, complete with a soft blanket to shield her naked skin and keep her warm. Soon she will lie next to me and my arms will  be her protection from any chill. I plan to bathe her in scented oils, wash her long golden curls and tuck her in to her new bed. She will never want for anything ever again. I will make her happy, as she will make me.

“Come, my angel,” I whisper in her ear, resisting the urge to recoil from her slightly dusty scent, and lift her. She is feather light but stiff in my arms, her limbs unyielding, but I manage to transport her from the storeroom and through the department store to the exit leading to the back alley. I care nothing about the security cameras following me – from this moment I have no intention of ever returning to this place. I will have no need to, now that Emilia and I are to be together.

A grunt escapes me as I struggle to position her in the passenger seat of my car; I must help her bend her knees to fit. My good, wonderful Emilia, as compliant as she can be, given her limits. Wrapping the cashmere blanket around her, I pause and allow my lips to barely caress her elegantly chiseled cheek bone as I fasten her seat belt, “Now, my angel, it will be just the two of us soon.”

Pulling out from the curb I reach over and take her small, rigid hand in mine, and squeeze. The fiberglass is cold and unyielding. A wide smile brightens my face. My Emilia will always be beautiful. She will never age or wither, never tire of me, never resist me.

She is eternal.

Mine forever.



Copyright, 2016, illicitthoughts.wordpress.com

All rights reserved.