Her Struggle

She lies before me, face down, stretched across the spanking bench; her wrists and calves strapped firmly to the legs by leather bindings. The skin of her back and buttocks shines beautiful, pale white, her exposed cunt smooth and pink.

“Are you ready, little one?” I ask.

She breathes, “Yes, Sir.”


He traces his hand across my ass, stroking me gently, running it up along my spine to grab a fistful of my hair and pulls my head back, stretching my throat.

Slap! His other palm connects with my bum, making me catch my breath. He releases my hair and allows my head to sink back down as he begins to caress my buttocks with his leather belt. Gently at first; warming my skin, sending shivers through me. I moan, “Oh thank you, Sir, that feels so good.”


Her ass is turning a fetching shade of pink. I strike her harder. She squirms and moans out loud.

“Count,” I tell her.


“One. Thank you, Sir,” I sigh as his belt stings my skin deliciously. He thrashes me as I count and thank him, building the force gradually, but certainly. My ass feels red hot. Each strike makes me whimper and twist against the velvet padding of the bench. My thighs start to tremble against the hard wood and, as I writhe, the leather bindings at my wrists dig into my skin. He pauses to caress my burning cheeks, murmuring under his breath, “That’s my good girl.”

I can feel myself growing wet.


She has begun to struggle against her restraints, which she knows is pointless as they are firmly buckled. I smile, knowing she enjoys the feeling of the straps cutting into her wrists and calves. More marks for her to admire later.

I lash my belt down on her glowing bum, leaving a clear stripe of burning red.

She whimpers loudly. Her cunt has started to glisten with arousal. I lick my lips and focus. It would be too easy to just take her and fuck her right now.


He hits me harder than ever and I sob, tears sting my eyes as surely as his leather stings my flesh. I feel my cunt throb and seep warm, wet want.

“What do you want, little one?” his voice is deep in his throat; he is unable to conceal his desire.

“I want you to hurt me, Sir. I want you to fuck me, Sir.”


I take one final swipe with my belt, marking her already scarlet skin a deep, dark crimson. She cries out a guttural, primal sound of pain and pleasure and spasms against the bench, the leather strap bruising her calves.

I kneel down and touch her cunt. It is hot and wet; swollen.

“You have been a very, very good girl,” I say, as I unbuckle the binds on her legs and spread her thighs wider. I bury my face in her, drinking in her unique scent, devouring her with my lips and tongue. She tastes sweet and salty at once; her sweat mingled with her juices.

My little girl moans and grinds against me as her orgasm forces her to cry out again, her flavour intensifying as she comes, before she slumps, exhausted and spent. I tenderly kiss her bruises, her skin hot against mine, and move to untie her wrists.

I look into her eyes; unfocused, cloudy, heavy lidded.

I lean forward and kiss her mouth before I lift and carry her to the bed, where I will show her how proud I am of her.

My girl.



Midnight Kiss

I heard her singing before I saw her; a sweet, high melody, like wind chimes on the salty night air. Unable to sleep, I had left the beach villa we were staying in and wandered down to the little cove nestled behind a group of rocks, silver moonlight guiding my way.

Then I saw her. Sitting in a rock pool, her back to me, long golden locks of hair spilled down her back, disappearing into the seawater at her waist. I could not take my eyes from her, even though it felt wrong to watch without her knowledge. Her voice was entrancing, hypnotic almost. She stiffened and, sensing my presence, turned her head and looked at me with eyes so large and sparkling I took a breath.

“I’m sorry,” I stumbled, “I didn’t mean to… I didn’t realise you were here…”

A tiny frown creased her forehead and she tilted her head quizzically before a radiant smile broke over her face and she beckoned me to move closer.

I was undeniably drawn to her. I knew it was not smart to sit with a strange, solitary woman on a beach at midnight but I couldn’t stop myself from doing so. She turned fully towards me and I saw she was naked. Her hair clung damply to her breasts, which were breathtakingly beautiful. Full and round, with erect little nipples peeping out from between the strands of hair. She stretched up her arms to me and, without hesitation, I sank into the warm water beside her.

Her eyes were a deep emerald green, even in the moonlight I could see that. She had a perfect little pixie nose and a pointed chin – elfin was the word that occurred to me as I looked at her. She leaned towards me and I felt her breath on my skin as she examined my face, her tiny, cold fingers tracing my jawline, and then she leaned in and kissed me.

Without knowing how it happened, she had pulled down my shorts and her hand was on my cock, stroking it, looking down at it in absolute wonder. I watched in disbelief as this gorgeous creature lowered her head and took me into her mouth, licking along my shaft with such greediness and intensity as her eyes looked up at my face. My hands wrapped in her hair and I surrendered to the pleasure she was providing. She moved and placed my cock between her breasts, squeezing them together with her hands. I thrust my hips, fucking her breasts as she giggled and moaned, playing with her nipples as she milked me. I couldn’t hold back any more, a hot, sticky arc spurted from me onto her face and she slowly reached up to wipe it and lick it from her hand.

She took my hands and put them on her breasts. I bent my head and sucked on her nipples; small and hard, they tickled my tongue. She moved against me, pressing herself into me, tiny moans of pleasure escaping her lips. I moved my hands down to her waist and felt her silken hips flare out in generous curves. She shuddered against me, clung to me and cried out. I heard a splashing sound. Pulling back to watch her come, I glimpsed the flash of gold fin as it flicked out of the water. She writhed, her nipples swollen and erect, a glow radiating from her skin as her tail flipped in and out of the water. Awestruck, I watched her orgasm rip through her. I watched the golden scales of her lower half ripple and her tail flip towards her stomach, her back arched as she continued to toy with her nipples.

As she settled, she opened her eyes and looked at me, an ecstatic smile across her face. She kissed me and then, as if she had never been there, ducked under the water line and was gone. I stood, still naked but uncaring, and watched her curvy form swim away into the depths.

One last flick of the gilt tail and then nothing…



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TMI Tuesday – BFFs, sex, and break-ups


1. Hey, how are you doing?

Pretty crappy! In pain. Pissed off. Stressed. Hassled. Grouch!

2. You are given a strong but soft to the touch (and on the skin) rope. What will you do? (pick just one). Explain your choice.

a. Throw it in the garage to use later to tie down a tarp or something.
b. Use it for indoor wall rock climbing.
c. Tie up your lover and have your way with him/her.
d. Lasso your secret crush and take them with you.

C – but only if I am the one being bound! Then they can do with me as they wish… (hopefully with a sadistic twist!)

3. Tell us 3 reasons why you or anyone should masturbate.

I just did! Because I was a mix of horny, bored and frustrated.

It’s good for your physical and mental health, it’s free, it doesn’t hurt anyone else.

The questionis… Why NOT have a wank?

4. Would you have sex with your best friend? Have you had sex with a best friend in the past? How’d that work out–did you stay friends?

In a word, no. I think it would complicate and forever change the friendship.

Besides, technically I married my best friend and Yes I do have sex with him!

And also, I’m so damn good they’d not be able to resist falling for me! 😂

5. What are your top 5 reasons to break up with someone?

Well, after 25 years it would take a lot to break us up. I think we could work through just about anything. We had a number of years where it was touch and go, and a split was very much on the table but at the end of it all we just couldn’t say goodbye.

Does dying count?

Bonus: Post an image you find erotic? What about it arouses you?

Oh, to choose just one?!


Ok, I cheated a wee bit! I cannot tell you how much I love nipple play that involves pain, so I think you can work out why I find these images arousing!





Happy TMI Tuesday!


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Sinful Sunday… One Happy Little Blogger!

Ever since I first discovered Sinful Sunday run by the divine Ms. Molly Moore I have been a fan.

It is a joyful celebration of our bodies in a completely positive way. It matters not what size or shape you are, everyone is welcomed and there is never even a hint of body shaming involved. I look at people’s photos each week at marvel at their self acceptance and  fearlessness.

I was way too scared to join in at first and simply admired and commented on other people’s photos.  People’s self acceptance and fearlessness with their photos, and the sense of camaraderie there, eventually inspired me to be brave and start to join in. I began with simple shots of my legs, my skirt, my toys, always black and white or filtered.

I progressed to display my belt marks and even my lower face in the bath… Very daring for me! It was the boob shots that made me very nervous… Could I be so bold as to show the world my boobies? Well, I did, (not totally exposed, I’m not THAT brave!) and the reactions were all positive. Which made me feel great!

Last week I was carrying my iPad down the stairs and suddenly thought that the blue of my wall would be a nice background for a photo, so I stopped midway, turned on the camera and took a snapshot. That spontaneous.

I quite liked the result and played with filters as usual, until the OH said he preferred the unfiltered, untouched original  shot the best.

I took a deep breath and hit publish. And waited….

I got only lovely comments and, to my astonishment, was selected as the Top Pick by the gentleman that is Charles from Filth and Erotica! As someone who never wins anything… This made me very happy! Especially as, of all the Sinful Sunday’s I’ve ever shared, I thought this was the one most likely to be disliked.

Goes to show… Maybe we aren’t always our best judges.

Hugs and kisses to Molly and Charles! In fact, hugs and kisses all round!


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