TMI Tuesday… I See You!

TMI Tuesday…let’s do this!

I see you

1. Have you ever had sex in front of other people? What were the circumstances?

Yes. More than once. That’s all you’re getting!

2. You are invited to Adult Show & Tell. What is it that you will show and tell.

Not sure I would show much, but I’ll tell anyone more or less anything they want to know. I am ridiculously open.

3. What part of your body do you like to show off?

I like to show a bit of cleavage. Having big boobs means high necked tops can make me look bigger than I am. I find it’s more flattering to go for deeper necklines. And a hint of cleavage is always nice to look at!

4. What part of the human body do you enjoy looking at the most?

On men it is most certainly their hands and forearms… I am ALL about hand/arm porn!

Women, I like to look at their shape, mostly I appreciate a great bum on a girl. And hair, love, love, love girl’s hair.

5. When you watch porn, what is it that you most enjoy seeing?

I love to watch people coming.

Bonus: Post a pic of your body part that you like to show off.

Well, I guess I did say cleavage… 😈








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Happy TMI Tuesday!


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Sinful Sunday – Chair


Last week I was inspired by the film Scandal but, as I was taking the photo, I channelled my inner Sally Bowles from my favourite film, Cabaret. (Trust me getting the leg up like that was not easy or comfortable!)



IMG_1765My inspiration,

(in case you aren’t familiar with the film… She embodies sex IMHO)

See who else is sinning…


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Sinful Sunday… Copping A Feel


My little Bichon Frise, Lily, (AKA The Love Of My Life), likes to cuddle on my chest at night as I watch TV.

It feels blissful, the small but solid weight of her tiny head against me, her soft curls tickling my skin. We often take pictures of her when she does this. (To be honest, we just take a lot of pictures of both dogs!)

One night I looked down an her and realised her little paw had slipped slightly inside my cami top and asked the OH to come over and take photo. I complied some shots of us cuddling and decided to submit them as a lighthearted SinfulSunday.

The picture of her feeling me up made us both laugh… especially the final one where her eyes are slightly looking at him as he snaps the phone camera, as if to say, “What? I’m just lying here…”


And in case you’re wondering what the other pup gets up to at night…


She just lets it all hang out!


See who else is being Sinful!

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