TMI Tuesday… Let’s Get Personal


1. Toilet paper. How do you hang your toilet paper? The end coming over the top or with the end coming from around the back and at the bottom?

There is a correct way to hang your toilet paper! The end must come over the top… always! The other was is just wrong! Wrong I tell you!

2. Towels. Do you use a new one each time you bathe or reuse?

The rule that I have read is that your towels should be washed every second time, third at a stretch… Bacteria, people!

3. Bathing. Do you use a washcloth to clean your body or use the soap directly all over your body with no washcloth?

I use those little exfoliating gloves. They work a treat.

4. Bra. Do you remove your bra by taking your arms out of the straps first, then inching it around your body until you can reach the clasp and undo it or do you contort your arms, and reach around and unclasp.

I reach around and unclasp, every time. I alternate between taking it off while still dressed, through my sleeves, depending on how desperately I want my girls to be free!

5. Dishwasher. Rinse/pre-wash all dishes before loading or just load.

I usually just throw it in there… which I know is very bad.

6. Breakfast cereal. Cereal in bowl first, then pour on milk or put milk in bowl then add cereal?

I don’t eat cereal. But I always add milk before hot water when making coffee.

7. Toothpaste. Squeeze from bottom working way up tube as it empties or squeeze from middle or wherever you want?

Oh dear… this drives the OH mad but I’m the messiest user of toothpaste ever. I just squeeze…

8. Condoms. Do you put it on your lover or does he put it on himself?

He usually does the honours… I am usually blindfolded!

9. Condom disposal. In the garbage bin or flush down toilet?

Again, His job! He always puts them in the bin. Think of the little fishes…

Bonus: Write your own bonus question and tell us an intimate detail about you or your habits.

Oh! My habit… I only butter my toast once it has cooled. I dislike soggy hot toast.

My question… Have you ever worn the same undies two days in a row? Be honest!


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TMI Tuesday – None of your business

It may be none of our business but it’s TMI Tuesday so tell us anyway 😀

none-of-your-business someecard

1. Tell us something you have dreamed of doing for a long time, why have you not done it?

I would love to be with a woman. As a teen, I did kiss a girl… and yes, I liked it… A LOT! Sadly, I have never had the opportunity to explore my bisexual curiosity. I admire gorgeous women from afar, flirt outrageously with them in real life and on Twitter, but I remain a virgin in that aspect. I am in discussion with the OH regarding why his need for total monogamy trumps my need to explore my sexuality. It is an ongoing issue and one I hope to blog about in the future.

2. Would you take advice from a porn star? If yes, what type of advice would you like to hear.

I am always happy to learn and expand my repertoire so I would certainly take advice from someone more knowledgeable than myself. Having said that, I can’t think of any particular area I feel I need advice on!

3. What is the sexiest thing about your boss?

I do not have one! I am a Domestic Goddess and as such am my own boss. Sexiest thing about me? My mind.

4. Name something you need for a foursome (and I’m not talking about golf).

Three other people…

5. What is the brand of condoms currently in your possession (in your home or on your person)?

We use Durex, a variety of different ones depending on what he chooses in Boots!

Bonus: Tell us a sex act/behavior that you simply will not do. Why?

Well now… let’s see…

Obviously anything with animals or anyone underage. I think the reasons are self explanatory.

Scat and watersports hold absolutely no interest for me. I say go for it if it floats your boat, it just doesn’t do it for me.

Anything abusive/non consensual with another person I couldn’t stomach.


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Happy TMI Tuesday!



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TMI Tuesday… One Track Minds


More questions about every TMI-er’s favorite topic courtesy of recusen.

tracks_tmi1. Which of the following best describes your view of sex?
a) Ritual
b) Game
c) Performance
d) Adventure
e) Other

For me sex is all of the above, (except C, we aren’t trained seals!), depending on the day.

BDSM play is highly ritualistic and I love that aspect to it. The blindfolding, the binding or cuffing, the collar and restraints… I’m hot just thinking about it!

As for sex being a game… we don’t call it play for nothing! There are many giggles and lots of laughter during our sexy times!

It is always an adventure. As He is in control, I am never sure what will happen next so I can never get bored. Perfect!

However, for me sex is very much a form of communication and connection and after wards we always feel deeply connected to each other on a whole new level than we were before.

2. What is your view of spontaneous vs. planned sex?
a) Spontaneous is always better.
b) Spontaneous sex seems rushed to me. I prefer a little warning to prepare mentally and/or physically.
c) I enjoy the anticipation before planned sex.
d) In my life circumstances, planning is required.

Spontaneous sex has it’s appeal but I do prefer the anticipation of knowing we have a Sunday afternoon ‘booked’ for some serious play. I do like to be mentally and physically prepared too; showered, groomed, feeling confident.

We do need to plan our sex lives because we have the two dogs, who routinely sleep in our bed, so we need to make sure they have been walked, fed and have stuffed Kongs so they do not disturb us by barking the house down for attention!

3. At the beginning of sex, what is your most immediate worry?
a) It will take too long.
b) It will be over too soon.
c) You will be interrupted.
d) You will fail to please your partner.
e) Your partner will fail to please you.
f) Something will cause pain.
g) There is gong to be a discussion/argument about something.

I don’t have any worries at the beginning of sex… why would I have any?

As the sub, I get to simply show up and do as I am told! I trust Him implicitly and completely, so I have absolutely no fears or concerns at all.

I know what He likes, so I don’t worry I will fail to please Him and I know His focus will be on pleasing me, pushing me, caring for me, looking out for me… so I don’t worry about anything in regard to that either.

And the only pain that happens is completely and utterly consensual and very much craved by me! That’s what safewords are for!

4. At the beginning of sex, what happy result are you looking forward to most?

a) Pure physical pleasure and orgasm.
b) Pure emotional pleasure at being intimate with your partner.
c) Pleasing your partner.
d) A feeling of closeness to your partner afterward.
e) Not being so horny afterward.

Honestly? All of the above!

Of course I hope to get pleasure and orgasms and, likewise, I want to please Him. The emotional pleasure is very important to me… submitting brings me such pleasure and freedom to let go.

I love the close feeling afterwards, lying in each others arms talking, or smiling wickedly at each other once we are back downstairs cooking or tidying, remembering the fun we had earlier that day.

I am pretty insatiable to be honest so I do ALWAYS want more! My usual request is, “Can we go again, please?” Haha!

5) After sex, how long until you start looking forward to the next time?

See my previous answer! I start looking forward to the next time as soon as we finish and get dressed.

Bonus:  Your ideal date would be
a. pizza and movie
b. hot dog and ball game
c. picnic and bike ride
d. candlelight dinner

A or C!


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Happy TMI Tuesday!

TMI Tuesday Time!

Good Morning. Let’s play TMI Tuesday!


1. What three things do you expect from a relationship with a lover/spouse?

Honesty. Loyalty. Respect.

2. What three things do you expect from a relationship with your child?

I do not have children, (unless you count the two furries!).

3. How do you mend a broken heart?

Time. That’s all. You just gotta wait it out.

4. What is your favourite therapy (remedial treatment of mental or bodily disorder)?

Massage! It works wonders on physical, emotional and mental levels. I trained to be a massage therapist and luckily the OH picked up a few tips long the way!

5. Who in your life has an annoying habit? How do you deal with this?

The OH! Punctuality is not in his vocabulary. He gets this from his upbringing. His family are NEVER on time for anything. If they say 2pm we know it will be 3.30 at the earliest. I don’t deal with it! After almost 24 years I still yell and holler… not that it changes anything!

6. In five words, describe yourself. You cannot use the following words: funny, fun, nice, kind, responsible.

Thoughtful. Rebellious. Optimistic. Friendly. Caring.

Bonus: If in a long time, romantic relationship do you still flirt? How do you flirt with your significant other?

Oh we flirt! A lot!

Little playful slaps as we pass each other, little touches, glances. We have a secret language and can communicate in a crowd with no one else having a clue what we are up to. I pop love notes into his lunch or write a surprise message in his work diary. He leaves little notes for me. Funny texts and tweets throughout the day. So many ways.

And of course I sometimes just wander into the kitchen wearing a sexy little number and heels just to surprise him!



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My ABCs!

Inspired by Stella, I present my ABCs…


A – amiable, affectionate, approachable

B – blogger, ballsy, brave, bright

C – creative, crafty, considerate, conscientious, curious, chatty

D – devilish, dorky, depraved, dreamer

E – empath, engaging, educated, erotic, enthusiastic

F – funny, fuckable (I hope!), flirty, feisty, fiery, friendly, foul-mouthed

G – generous, gregarious, gluttonous, Good Girl, gardener, giggler

H – hedonist, humanist, hell-raiser, honest

I – intuitive, INFP, idealist, intelligent, imaginative

J – jokey, jovial, just me

K – kinky, knowledgable, kind, Kat!

L – loving, loyal, lewd, Little

M – mouthy, mad, music-lover, mischievous

N – naughty, nature lover, non-conformist, nosey, naive

O – open, over-excitable, OTT, optimist

P – punctual, playful, passionate, pragmatic

Q – quirky, quizzical, quick-witted

R – reliable, reader, rowdy, raucous, romantic, resourceful, real

S – sexual, sensitive, submissive, sociable, strong, sweet, smart

T – tolerant, trustworthy, trusting, thoughtful, twisted, talkative

U – understanding, unique

V – vivacious, voracious, vulgar

W – warm, witty, wanton, wicked, woman, writer

X – x-rated, xenodochial

Y – youthful, young at heart, yappy

Z – zany, zesty

That’s me… A-Z!

Why not have a go?


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TMI Tuesday: March 3, 2015

Lets see what they ask us this week…

1. Have you ever had sex in three or more positions in one session? Name the positions.

Yes! Four actually, standing from behind, doggy, reverse cowgirl and missionary. Amazing!

2. Have you ever had sex continuously for more than an hour? Was it all intercourse or other methods of sexual pleasure?

Yes! I can’t imagine a man who could sustain intercourse for an entire hour and I am not sure my poor vagina would like it either! There were other activities… oral, manual, spanking, cropping… many things can happen in an hour!

3. Have you ever planned and devoted an entire day to sex and sexual activity (with breaks for eating, etc)?

Oh god yes! That’s what hotel rooms were invented for, yes? We were very annoyed when our “Do No Disturb” sign was ignored… Grrrr!

4. Have you ever been so loud having sex that housemates/neighbors commented or complained?

I have been known to bite my own fist to reduce the noise that comes out of me… the neighbours haven’t complained yet, but they have limited their interactions with us…

5. Have you ever had your sexual technique/style/skill openly praised by someone?

Yes! apparently I’m quite the oral Queen!

6. Have you ever gotten really turned on by saying or hearing dirty talk?

Who hasn’t? A filthy request whispered in my ear? Yes please!


Bonus: What word or words said during sex totally turn you off or distract you from the task at hand?

Panties. Moist. Say those words and it’s over buddy!

Thanks TMI Tuesday that was fun… as always!


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