Good Girl


The muscles in my calves quivered, stretched to their limits. Cramps began to set in my ankles and toes. Beads of sweat freckled my forehead, pasting my fringe to my damp skin.

I was not sure how long I had been standing on my tiptoes now but it felt like eternity.

“Open your eyes!” he commanded and I obeyed. He sat in his dress shirt and charcoal trousers in the leather chair in the corner of the room, collar button undone, ankle resting on his knee, a glass of scotch in his hand.

“You hurting?” he asked.

I nodded my head furiously, “Yes! Please Sir, may I take a break?” feeling that I might simply have to give in and break his orders in spite of what his answer may be.

He tilted his head, his eyes scanning my face and body, observing the physical and mental effort it was taking for me to remain in position, “Ok.” He raised himself up from his chair and approached me, his hands on my waist to help me place my feet flat on the ground, avoiding the upturned Thumb Tacks he had placed on the ground beneath my raised heels.

“Into position,” he said as he opened the top drawer of the dresser. I flexed my ankles and tried to ease the ache in my calves, then lowered myself to my knees, my forehead on the carpeted floor, arms outstretched in front of my bowed head, buttocks in the air. The stretch felt good after standing on my toes for so long.

I heard him rummage in the drawer and wondered what he had in store for me next.

The unexpected tickle of the soft leather of the flogger over the skin on my back caused a shiver down my spine and goose bumps all over my body.

Naked expect for my collar, I remained motionless as he circled me, tracing the straps over my skin, teasing me.

“Why are you being punished?” he asked.

“I was disobedient Sir. I was bad.”

“Sit up! On your knees.”

I lifted myself up and sat back on my heels, hands resting palm up on my thighs.

“Open your legs.”

I followed his instruction and felt the sweet sudden sting of the flogger between my parted thighs. I squeal.

“The more noise you make the harder I will go, understand?”

I nodded and bit my lip.

“Hands behind your head!” I linked my fingers together at the back of my head, pushing my breasts out, leaving me exposed and vulnerable.

The next strike was across my belly, hard and sharp, leaving red lines on my pale skin. I clenched my eyes and jaw shut tight, determined not to make another sound.

“Stand girl.”

As I steadied myself his fingers found and squeezed my nipple, twisting it until it burned, bringing tears to me eyes. The leather slapped against my already tender nipple. I winced; involuntarily, l flinched away from him.

From his pocket he produced the steel clamps and fixed them onto my nipples before lifting the linking chain to my mouth and making me take it between my teeth, raising my breasts up off my chest.

I stood before him, trembling as he laid down the flogger and reached for his metal ruler. The impact was light at first on the underside of my breast and I relaxed and exhaled. Seeing this, he, without warning, slapped the delicate area hard with the ruler; so hard I couldn’t stop myself from crying out. His hand rubbed the reddened patch of skin, soothing it, before bringing the metal down sharply on my other breast, repeating this, switching from one side to the other until my skin burned.

I pinched my lips together and breathed through my nostrils, struggling to maintain my composure.

“Such a stubborn little girl aren’t you?” he grinned at me, making me giggle despite the pain.

Taking the chain from my mouth, he pulled firmly, stretching my nipples more than I thought possible, lead me over to the bed and pushed me face down over the edge.

Tying my wrists together over my head with a stocking I had discarded earlier as I had stripped for him, he forced my legs apart, leant down, his breath warm was against my ear, as he growled, “Stay!”

Heat flared between my legs and I became even wetter than I already was; I love his breath in my ear. The clamps on my nipples bit into me more as my weight pressed them down onto the mattress.

“I don’t think you’ve truly learned you lesson just yet…”

I heard him unbuckle his belt and tensed for impact, smiling against the bed covers.

He teased me with the tip of the belt, flicking it gently over my exposed wet clit, making me tremble in anticipation, before bringing it down on my buttocks with force, back and forth in altering directions.

The sting was glorious. Liberating. Releasing.

I closed my eyes and allowed myself to surrender entirely to the pain, feeling myself begin to drift away into heavenly bliss. Trusting him completely to give me what I needed. My hot tears soaked into the duvet as he reigned down my correction without mercy.

I felt him enter me with a swift, fast thrust; his hot, hard erection filling me, splitting me open. I bit down hard onto the bed-spread to stop myself crying out as he pounded into me, the head of his cock persistently rubbed against my g spot, making my stomach flip somersaults and my thighs quake and tremble.

“Come for me! Come now!” his throaty voice betraying his own impending orgasm.

I gave myself over to the surging rush of my climax, feeling it swell and travel through my entire body, my muscles squeezing him tighter, milking him as he exploded inside me.

His weight pressing down on my back as he laid over me, his lips on the back of my neck, whispering, “Good girl, baby.”

I basked in a warm mixture of love, joy, release and belonging.





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Morning Call


↪️ Good morning baby…

↩️ Hey you! How are you?

↪️ Thinking of you…

↩️ Yeah? Me too. Can’t stop thinking about you. I think of you inside me all the time.

↪️ I want to be inside you, filling you, stretching you. I want to come with you. Inside you.

↩️ Fuck! I want you. I’m thinking of you watching what I’m doing right now…

↪️ Oh fuck baby! Tell me!

↩️ My hand between my legs.

↪️ Where I want to be.

↩️ So wet! Rubbing myself, thinking of you.

↪️ Yes! Stoke your clit for me baby. Run your fingers over your lips, dip inside, feel how wet you are. Back to your clit, swirling your fingers around it. Strumming and teasing as your hips squirm against the bed. While I watch you, my cock rock hard with wanting you.

↩️ Watching you watch me…

↪️ Spread your legs baby, wider. Let me see you.

↩️ Wide open for you.

My fingers are slick, slipping over my folds and stroking my hard little clit as I wait for your words to appear on the screen. I am sitting propped up against the headboard, wearing the shirt you sent me, draped open over my shoulders. I smell your scent on it and feel your presence with me as I imagine you sitting at the end of the bed watching me play. Heat rushes to my cheeks.

↪️ Yes, you watching as I press my tongue over your clit, sucking at your lips. Looking up at you as I explore your cunt, exposing your vulva with my fingers, then curling my tongue up, searching out the soft ridges of your g spot. I’m hungry for you. I want to drink you in, every drop.

My fingers work faster. I forget about typing back to you. Instead I pinch my nipple and picture your teeth biting it as you fuck me with your hand. Feeling the rush inside me, I writhe on the sheet, opening my eyes to see if you are still typing.



↪️ Each keystroke is another tap of my fingertip against the smooth velvet of your clit. Your cunt aches for me baby.

↪️ Your sweet, wet, tight cunt pulling me into you, stretched around the base of my cock. Your thighs spread wide as I fuck you hard.

↪️ I think of you nearing your climax, calling out my name as the fire of your orgasm sweeps from between your legs through your veins. Are you coming baby? Come for me…

I feel the build up of my orgasm becoming stronger and stronger. My hand speeds even more, my fingers twisting my nipple.

Heat floods through me as I come, my breath ragged, your face in my mind. I slow my hand enjoying the sweet aftershocks that tingle through my clit.

Opening my eyes I see you’ve stopped typing.

I raise my hand to the camera and take a photo of my soaking wet fingers, smiling to myself.

↩️ Thank you baby. That was amazing. I’m sorry I stopped typing…

I send through the photographic evidence of my pleasure and wait.

↪️ Mmmmmm I want to lick every drop from your fingers. I’m achingly hard for you.

↩️ Touch yourself…

↪️ Baby, the time difference? I’m at my desk! Thank fuck it hides my erection! Straining against my trousers. I wish you could sit on me, slam that beautiful cunt down onto me. Use my cock for your pleasure.

↩️ Yes! Grinding down against you… 

↪️ Stop! Stop! I can’t…

A wicked grin spreads across my face as I imagine you squirming in your chair, trying not to come in your pants. I decide to be sweet.

↩️ Ok darling. I’ll stop… comeback to me when you get home. I’ll take care of you then. 

↪️ I love you baby x

 ↩️ ILY2 x

I close the laptop and snuggle down into my sheets, snatching a few more minutes before I need to get up and shower and start my day. Smiling at the thought of you miles away thinking of me.


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Think I’ll Pass Thanks…

Browsing through Twitter yesterday, I happened upon an old post from the Queen of Kink herself, Molly Moore, on the Adult Blog Hub where she waxed lyrical about the Revel Body One Sonic Vibrator… So much so in fact that I went searching online to see where I could buy one for myself!

Off to amazon I went and found the first version of the toy for an amazing $19.49! One thing about the ad stood out for me…


There were 8 left in stock, but as I scanned down the screen I noticed that 6 were new… think about that for a second.

Would you buy a second hand vibrator? A “pre-loved” sex toy?

Even after copious quantities of soap and water, would you really want to get intimate with a piece of silicone that has massaged another person’s genitals? Really?!

I think to be honest. (being cheeky here!), that RevelBody could consider sending me a complimentary toy seeing as I personally made one sale for them yesterday for certain, with several Twitter friends expressing their interest in making a purchase also! I told my darling bestie about the toy and sent her the link to Molly’s review and within minutes she had ordered one for herself… love that woman’s efficiency! She is eagerly awaiting it’s arrival next Tuesday! (I just hope she specified that she wanted a new one!)

The new and most up to date version comes in at €124.95 and can be in my sweaty little hands in fours days should I order it… will I wait and see if my plea to RevelBody works though?!

I imagine I shall resemble a prune from all the hours I will spend in the bath with my new little friend!

Am I alone in thinking the idea of a used sex toy is unpalatable or are you guys on the same page as me?



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My eyes still closed, warm and comfortable under the bedclothes, relishing that blissful semi-waking state, in between slumber and awareness… my thoughts drift to you. I picture your smiling face, your kind eyes crinkled at the corners as you look down at me, your wide shoulders and chest, strong arms that I long to have wrapped around me.

I imagine you are here. Standing at the end of my bed.

In my fantasy I am dressed and we are standing facing each other, uncertain what will happen next. You reach out and cup my face in your large hands, your eyes travelling over my face and down my body. I feel myself flush under your gaze, a flutter deep in my stomach and heat flares between my legs. I lick my lips, our eyes lock, your pupils wide and dark. Breathing fast, craving your lips on mine, I tilt my face up further, inviting. Your mouth covers mine, achingly slowly, gently. Your tongue tentatively licks mine, tasting me, before probing deeper, kissing me more urgently and passionately. Your arms pull me closer, crushing me against you and I cling on, feeling breathless and lightheaded. Your arousal is evident, straining against the dark denim at your crotch, pressing against my stomach.

You break the kiss and stand back slightly from me. Your hands at my waist, fingers hot against my skin as you lift my tee shirt up over my ribcage and past my chest. I raise my arms to allow you to pull my top off and throw it to the floor. I stand before you in my jeans and blue lace bra, blood hammering in my eardrums, heart racing. Wanting you to take me.

Your fingers slide under the straps at my shoulders, pushing them down my arms as your lips trace over my collar bones, making the tiny hairs on the back of my neck stand. Your teeth graze my skin. You pull the cup down and pinch my nipple, rolling it between your fingers before moving down to take it in your mouth. I can’t help but roll my head back as you suck hard on it while your hand plays with my other breast, squeezing it. I rub my hips against you, your erection hard on my tummy. I reach to touch it and you step back.

“Off,” you say, pointing at my bra. I reach around and unclasp it and let it fall. My mind full of doubt and insecurity at what you will think. Your eyes wander over me, darkening.

Your hands on my shoulders, you press me down to sit and then lie back at the edge of the bed. Opening my jeans button and slowly unzipping them, I lift my hips slightly to make it easier for you to slide my clothes down my thighs and over my feet.

You kneel at the end of the bed and spread my legs open, just taking a moment to look at my smooth, wet cunt before sinking your head between my hips. I clutch the bed cover as I feel your feather light kisses on my inner thighs, teasing me, taunting me. I want your mouth on me. I want your tongue licking me, inside me. I arch my back and try to press down onto you and hear a chuckle as you continue to deny me, licking my soft skin.

I groan as I feel your finger push inside me, gliding in easily, aided by how wet and ready I am for you. As you stroke inside me, pressing against my sweet spot, your lips finally find my clit and toy with her, sucking and gently pulling her, before your tongue flicks and you begin to feast on me. I have never been tongue-fucked as well before and feel the pressure of my orgasm approaching almost too quickly, but I don’t fight it. It surges through me, ripping me apart. I hear a guttural cry and realise it’s coming from me as I clutch the back of your head. You remain at my soaked cunt, torturing me to a second orgasm as your fingers reach up to pull on my nipples. I cry for you to please stop. It feels unbearable but I come again, spasming uncontrollably under your firm grip.

Your lips are on mine, I can taste myself on you, sweet, as you suck on my tongue. I want to know how you taste so badly.

I push you off me and onto your back, and kneeling between your open legs, I undo your jeans, reach inside and feel the silky skin of your hard cock. I push your jeans and boxers down to free your balls so I can take them into my mouth and softly suck them, running my tongue over them while my hand strokes you, listening to your breathing get heavier and faster. Pressing my tongue flat against you, I run it up along the ridge to your glans, where I swirl my wet tongue around it’s velvety, swollen head, tasting your pre cum before I take you fully into my mouth. I use my tongue to tease the tip of your cock as my hand continues to fuck you, sucking you. I look up and our eyes meet. Yours are dark and unfocused, you are lost in the sensations, but you see my smile as I adjust my position to take you in deeper. Dipping low I open my throat and feel you fill it. I hold you there as my tongue works around you, hearing you low groan of pleasure and feeling your fingers in my tangled hair. The thickness of you makes my mouth water and saliva runs down your shaft as I moan to give you a new sensation. Your hands abruptly take my chin and force me to stop, pulling my head up from your crotch.

Pulling me on top of you, you make it clear you want to finish inside my cunt.

I straddle you and lower myself down onto you, my hands on your chest, pressing my breasts together. I ride you, slowly at first, but am unable to stop myself from slamming against you, wanting you deeper and harder inside me. My breasts bounce as I fuck you, grinding against you, feeling another orgasm building.

I look down at you, your hands grasping my bucking hips, I see your face change as my cunt walls tightly contract around you, milking your orgasm from you. Your fingers bruise my skin as you dig them into my ass, your face contorting. You groan out loudly.

We slow our pace, sweating and breathless. I slump, exhausted and lie my face down against your smooth chest and feel you shrink from me, your hot come seeping out to bind us stickily together.

I open my eyes, take my wet fingers from between my legs and suck them. Relaxed and radiant after my morning of daydreaming.


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Sweat trickled lazily down his back, itching his skin as he flexed his cramped, tight neck muscles, relishing the loud cracks as they loosened. Another few hours of digging left, he thought, throwing his hat on the dusty ground before pulling his shirt off and using it to wipe his forehead.

He heard the screen door slap shut and looked up to see her walking across the front porch, barefoot, wearing khaki shorts and a vest which had a dark V of sweat at the back. She had been in and out all morning, carrying laundry, sweeping the porch, scrubbing the windows. She carried herself with a weariness that came from hard physical labour. Her head turned in his direction and he swiftly dropped his gaze and bent to retrieve his hat, keeping his back turned until he heard the screen door again.

For the past week that he’d been working on the farm he’d watched her as she worked outside, as she tended to the hens and played with her dog. He loved her giggle, like wind chimes, the way her face lit up and eyes shone as she laughed when her chickens ran around in front of her, how she called them all different names and spoke to them as if they were her children. Not for the first time, he wondered why she had no man in her life, in her bed. A woman like her deserved to be loved, and loved well.

Hearing the screen door slam again, he concentrated on digging, not wanting to be caught looking at her again.

“Hey, thought you could use a cool drink. It’s like an oven out here.”

He turned to see her standing before him, hand outstretched, holding a glass of iced lemonade that was dripping with condensation, her dog at her heels, panting in the heat.

Taking it from her, feeling her cold wet fingers brush his, he replied, “Thank you Ma’am, much appreciated,” and lifted the glass to his lips. The cold, sweet liquid slid down his parched throat and he greedily swallowed it all in one take, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand, gasping with relief.

She smiled as she said, “You look like I should’ve just brought out the whole jug!”, pulling her dark blonde bangs back from her glistening forehead. He saw tiny strands of hair sticking to her neck and longed to brush them away and lick the sweat from her skin.

Realising his eyes were glued to her throat, he cleared his throat and squinted up into the sky trying to think of something to say that wouldn’t make him look like a total idiot, “Thanks again Ma’am, but I guess I’d better get back to it.”

“It’s Elsa, Ma’am makes me feel old!” she giggled again and he noticed the flush on her cheeks, “Maybe you should come on in for some lunch in about an hour? I’ll fix up some sandwiches?” her eyebrows raised and she tilted her head slightly, her eyes skimming down his chest and back.

Not waiting for a response, she swiftly turned and walked back towards the farmhouse, calling to the dog to follow her. He watched her long shapely legs, her hips swinging as she moved across the field and wondered if he had imagined the bloom on her cheeks, the way her gaze lingered on his exposed torso, the spark of invitation in her eyes?

Was she only offering him lunch, or more?


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