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So… I have had an idea. (Yes, it happens every now and then!)

I thought perhaps it might be cool to have a feature here where I interview fellow bloggers I like.

I like the idea for a couple of reasons:

  • I think you all know how much I love to share great writing when I find it and I am very much in favour of us all helping each other out in terms of helping to promote each other’s work. This could be a neat way to help introduce new readers to other writers, yeah?
  • I am a nosey, (I could say curious, but let’s be real here), person! I love to ask questions and get to know more about people. I think it would be fun to discover more about the bloggers I admire. I won’t pry too deeply but I’d like to think I will reveal a new aspect to each person I talk to.

I am not sure how frequently I would do an interview, I guess it depends on willing victims, (sorry, participants)!

I have done it before, if you’d like to read it!



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