Sinful Sunday – Dipping My Toe

I left this lovely meme this time last year. I had been struggling  with how I look after some health related weight gain and if I am honest I haven’t moved forward very much at all. I still am massively unhappy with what looks back at me from the mirror.

However, the other night I was sitting with my little Lily at my side and I just thought that the curve of my ankle and the way the light hit my shin bones was quite pleasing so I took a quick snap. I cropped it but decided to undo that and leave Lily in because I just love how she is always with me.

It’s unlikely that this is a proper return to SinfulSunday but hey… dipping my toe back in!




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All rights reserved.


26 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday – Dipping My Toe

  1. You have gorgeous legs and as you said, the lighting hits your shin beautifully. Im sure we’d all enjoy more leg shots if that’s what you’re comfortable with! 75% of my photos are of my legs for that reason.
    Aurora x

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  2. Oh yay, so lovely to see you dipping your toe into Sinful Sunday. I have missed you images. I love the little twist of your leg, there is something coy and endearing about it


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