If I were to stand before you – stripped, exposed and vulnerable, with all my flaws on display, the parts of me I see as nothing but ugly…

If I was to be as naked physically for you as I find it so easily to be emotionally…

Would you turn your eyes away in disgust?

Copyright, 2016,

All rights reserved.


19 thoughts on “Naked

  1. This sums up those thoughts and feelings well. No matter how much I KNOW he looks with love and desire at me, I still ask this of myself. And soon we are going to community events where this will be particularly difficult for me to overcome.

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      1. Yes, we have talked and talked about it. I trust that he’ll be very mindful of not exposing parts I’ll be so self conscious about, so I’m not worried about that. (I lost a lot of weight and have skin that will always be a reminder of that.) It’s as simple as feeling confident in anything that is at all revealing or tight, even. But I think there are many options to help with that. Hopefully the nervousness will wane once I find something that feels good on.

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    1. My experience is such that I used to loathe my body, find it ugly. Slowly, through the gaze of a man I learnt how to accept it, even start to like it.
      Then the gaze of another man made me feel good about myself, taught me that my body has impressive abilities.
      But that first time going to a sauna was difficult. I was really worried about what it’d be like, what people would think of me. Luckily, wishing minutes of being there I started to feel comfortable. I guess, for me, a couple of nice Os and I’m on a different plane of consciousness already. Men seemed to appreciate my openness, the ease with which I welcomed sensations, as much more attractive than a size 6 arse, pert breasts and a flat tummy. The fact that the man by my side kept telling me that, to him, I was the most beautiful woman in the club didn’t hurt 😉

      What I’m trying to say is, try to go with it. Lose yourself in the gaze of your lover, let his love carry you through the experience, give you the strength to relax and enjoy yourself. There’s nothing more sexy than someone enjoying themselves.

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      1. That so awesome, Dawn! I have come a long way from the very large woman who loathed every square inch, and some of my insides too. Thank goodness. I do love who I am and revel in the look in his eyes and his desire for me. I find a confidence in my body’s ability to feel and be and in knowing I please him. Thank you for the reminder. It’s sometimes difficult not to let that old, insecure voice take hold! I may always hear her, but I will try to go with it and enjoy myself. I know that feeling confident and enjoying myself will be the thing that pleases him most. And I want that for both of us.

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      2. Then I’m glad I wrote this comment 🙂
        I feared that you would not relate to it, or that I’d sound pompous or something 🙂
        I know all about it sometimes being difficult to tell that voice to shut up. This morning, as I was driving home, I had it try to have a go at me. Ugh!
        Good luck at the club. Enjoy!

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      3. Sorry to hijack your post! It is so timely as I sit here trying to find things to wear that might help me to feel confident! Thank you so much for posting and sharing it.

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  2. You didn’t sound so! I appreciate you sharing, very much. We are heading to rope group, and soon to play parties and a club. It’s thrilling, but also so far out of my past comfort zone. More than anything I just want to see myself through his eyes and have fun!

    I hope you told her to shut up! Lol. Thank you!

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  3. Whenever I think of nudity, I am reminded of these words by writer Sharon Hodde Miller:

    “A woman’s breasts, hips, bottom, and lips all proclaim the glory of the Lord! Each womanly part honors Him. He created the female body, and it is good.

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