My first tentative steps back into fiction after quite a break… Yes, I’ve done better, that’s true, but I hope it tickles you nevertheless!

“I didn’t fall in love with you,” his fingers pushed her hair aside to trace the bare skin of her shoulder.

Twisting her head to look back at him, “Well, fuck you too!” she smirked.

His fingers found her nipple and tweaked it hard, “I am not finished…”

Stifling a giggle, she waited.

He was a pedant. She couldn’t truthfully say it was one the things she loved about him; more like one those things that came as part of the package, that she had decided to consider an endearing quirk. After all, she was far from perfect.

He tickled the skin of her neck with butterfly kisses as he spoke, “Falling implies something sudden, something that happened all at once. That’s not how it was.”

She pressed her body back against his, pushing her ass against him, wanting as much skin contact as possible. She smiled, feeling him stiffen against her.

“It was slow, gradual. I didn’t fall. I…” he searched for the right word, “Slipped? I slipped into love with you. I had no idea it was happening. Just every day you mattered more, I thought about you more, I wanted to see you, to talk to you. Then one day I realized. I was crazy about you.”

His mouth covered her ear, sucking on her soft lobe, breathing in hot air, causing goose bumps along her spine.

Her cunt throbbed for him. She squeezed her thighs together, relishing the ache.

His hand covered her jaw, turning her head towards him. She closed her eyes as his lips met hers, opening her mouth to meet his tongue, her arms around his neck as the kiss became deeper, hungrier.

Pushing her onto her back, he pressed his weight down on her. She opened her legs and wrapped them around his hips, pulling him close. She was more than ready for him.

Their eyes locked, he moaned as her tight muscles gripped his length; he began slowly, rhythmically, moving inside her, pulling almost all the way out before sinking back deep within, his shaft stroking her clit. He bent his neck to suck on her nipple as he rocked; biting it, nibbling it, rolling it over his tongue, knowing she loved the pleasure/pain of it.

Arching her back, she ground against him, using her thighs to pull him into her faster. Sweat began to pool between their bellies as they slapped off each other. He leaned back, raised her legs and propped her calves on his shoulders, pounding deeper and deeper into her.

Their mouths open, gasping, panting, sharing breath. She began to call out, “Don’t stop! More! Harder! Fuuuuuck me!” exciting him more and more with every cry.

Watching her face; how her eyes squeezed shut, how her cheeks flamed pink, how her teeth bit into her lower lip, watching the sweat trickle down her throat, he couldn’t hold back any longer. A few final thrusts, extra hard and deep – he came. He closed his eyes and let the pleasure flood his system, feeling her clench around him, milking him, before sinking back into the bed beside her.

His nose buried in her damp hair, breathing in the scent of her, he smiled and held her.



Copyright, 2016,

All rights reserved.





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