TMI Tuesday – August 16th

1. Where is the most beautiful place on earth and why?

I find this almost impossible to answer because I have been fortunate enough to visit several breathtakingly beautiful places in my life. For me, anywhere that is nature based is beautiful – on the beach, up in the Wicklow mountains, in a forest, even in my garden, surrounded by my plants, birds singing and bees buzzing.

2. How old is the most expired item in your fridge?
Guilty! It’s usually to be found in the veg drawer – a limp, soggy lettuce or a bag of carrots that are soft and pliable in a way carrots have no business being.
3. What’s under your bed?
Nothing! I have a bed with drawers in it so if that counts, you will find stocks of deoderant, hairspray, tampons, floss etc.
4. What is in your pocket?
A tissue… never be without a tissue!
5. Which famous person would you like to be best-friends with? Why?
Amy Poehler! She doesn’t know it, (yet), but we would make the most excellent friends… She is smart, funny, gorgeous, talented… sure it’s like looking in a mirror, haha!
Now if only I can get my hands on her number…
6. There is now a line of lacy lingerie for men. Would you wear it or like to see your man in it? See here and here
Depends… I think the androgenous/gender bender thing can be very sexy – on the right man. I do like a man that’s ‘man enough’ to go there! And if he’s wearing eyeliner, so much the better!
Bonus: Think The Olympics. Men’s gymnastic uniforms–sexy or goofy? Discuss!

Are you fuckin’ kiddin’ me?! Look at those bodies! Look at that strength and control! Sexy doesn’t begin to cover it!gym_men_tmi————TMI Tuesday blog

TMI Tuesday blog

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