F4TF #32 – Spread The Love


Do you believe one gender is more naturally promiscuous than the other?

Why do you think this is?



In a word… NO!

In my opinion, how promiscuous, (btw, I dislike the word itself – it has a judgey tone to it that does not sit well with me), a person is depends on the individual involved, their sex drive, their feelings/beliefs about sex, their past experiences/upbringing, availability of partners, and the society they are living in, how it views sex and gender and how the person allows that to impact their behaviour.

I don’t adhere to the idea that men are naturally more promiscuous than women. I think, unfortunately, our society deems it more acceptable for men to sleep around… yes still! A glance at Twitter, Instagram, FB, (any social media platform really), highlights the double standard that still exists when it comes to gender and sex.

I wonder how younger people see it these days? Are girls who have sex still seen as sluts or easy where boys are seen as studs and scorers? If that is still the case I feel very sad. Although, we are living in the world of Tinder and such now, so perhaps there is less stigma attached to casual hook ups than there was ‘in my day’, (god, I’ve become old enough to use that phrase! Kill me now!).

Sex is a natural drive, just the same as hunger, thirst, sleep… I wish we could just let go of the judgement that surrounds it and celebrate how amazing it is.

Fuck as many people as you want to, or don’t… do what makes you and the person/people you are with happy.

(It might be a tad obvious that I am not in a wonderful mood today! A summer cold, combined with a hangover and headache, makes for a grumpy Kat, I’m afraid…)


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3 thoughts on “F4TF #32 – Spread The Love

  1. Ha! What have I got to say?
    Well, plenty!
    Yes, we still live in a world where a woman who claims she enjoys sex is seen as an easy woman. Obviously, because she enjoys sex, she’ll want it with any man who wants it with her, at any time!
    Some men (too many of them!) still have trouble understanding the difference between being sexual and wanting them (or not).
    Like when the Bouncer came to me with a proposal “I want to go to a club and thought of you”. Or when Mike started to chat me up after three weeks of no news (he’d warned me, but still) and within two texts was writing “I want you”. Really? What makes you think it’s reciprocal? And when I said that I wasn’t interested in being just a booty call, if he wanted friendship, we could work on the benefits, but the latter didn’t come without the former… he found me too complicated and said goodbye.
    It is also why I’m not anywhere ready to talk about my lover to my family, because my ex is trying to smear my credibility with the judge by painting me like a slut. Ok, I may be one, but… does it make me a bad person? I don’t think so.
    It’s also why I don’t see myself admitting to my bisexuality to them any time soon. Because then, I’d really be a slut!

    So no, I don’t think men are more promiscuous than women. For what it’s worth, I was married for years to a man who may or may not have cheated on me, but never really seemed very sexual with me, so maybe he’s the antithesis of promiscuous? Or maybe he was so promiscuous that he wasn’t interested in me? I don’t know, don’t really care! I think if he was promiscuous, he knew he couldn’t hurt me with the news as I was not jealous, so why tell me about it?
    I am now with a man who enjoys being promiscuous as much as I do. Even though I think he is becoming less and less promiscuous as he enjoys being with me more and more… or as he realises that it is something he is allowed to do, no questions asked. I don’t know if it’s that hunting is losing its appeal when it’s not forbidden, or if it’s that he doesn’t need more since he’s got me. I’m not sure I want to know the answer to this right at this minute 😉

    I just wish there was less stigma with teenage girls wanting to sleep with their boyfriends (father forbids it, does all he can to prevent it) when we all know that if it was a boy, he’d be encouraged to ‘go on my son’ with a pat on the shoulder.

    Ugh! Double Ugh!

    We’ve still got a ways to go 😉

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