F4TF #28 -I’ll Take ‘Fuck’ Thanks


This week’s question is:

How do you refer to sex? Do you “Fuck” or “Make Love”? Which terms do you like/dislike and why do you feel that way about them?

 Oh, well here we go!

I have never, ever felt comfortable with the phrase ‘make love’ – it just makes me cringe! It’s a bit creepy to me and always has been. Makes my skin crawl.

I simply cannot bring myself to say it, to the extent that in one of my guilty pleasures, ‘Escape; The Pina Colada Song’, (yes! I like that song, don’t judge me!), I sing “if you like doing it at midnight”, rather than the real lyrics. Makes the OH laugh every time.

The hearts and flowers of ML just isn’t for me.

I am much happier to use the word ‘fuck’ to describe the sex act. It’s simple, to the point and not so bloody soppy! No matter how romantic and candlelit you make it, sex is an animalistic act and the clarity of ‘fuck’ just hits the right note for me.

I tend to say fuck/do it/get it on/mess around/play/have sex. If I’m feeling spectacularly silly and Shakespearian I enjoy the phrase, ‘making the beast with two backs’.

You can keep your making love… (throws up a little in mouth).

If I want sex I’ll just ask for sex.


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10 thoughts on “F4TF #28 -I’ll Take ‘Fuck’ Thanks

  1. Well… now that I’ve experienced what making love actually means… I tend to like it more 🙂
    So depending on what I want to convey, I’ll use fuck, have sex, or make love. But you can be sure that if I say the latter, I could actually FEEL the love exchanged, melted into the guy, felt him meld with me. And not just physically.
    I don’t think he realises quite yet that it’s the way I mean it when I say it. Oh well! I don’t mind 🙂

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  2. While I don’t have such an aversion to the term as you do, I think fuck works for me too. Yet when we do make love… there is certainly a difference… we don’t tend to call it anything. It just is.

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