Moral Mondays -The Itch

She clawed her skin; ragged fingernails drew blood from the open scabs on her face.

Nothing stopped the itching; nothing.

Eyes, rabid and vacant, scanned the room for something to use. She needed to let the bugs out before they drove her crazy.

Her mouth dry, jaw clenched impossibly tight, she sprinted barefoot across the sticky floor towards the sink, her hands jerking as she tossed aside dirty dishes.

Smashing the wine glass, she lifted the shard to her face and carved an arc across her cheek, feeling her hot blood flow down her throat.

The itching; it never stops.



This week’s Moral Monday is ‘say no to drugs’. The aim is to write a story of 100 words or fewer on the theme.

See here for full Ts and Cs.

Copyright, 2016,

All rights reserved.

14 thoughts on “Moral Mondays -The Itch

  1. Dark and desperate stuff. Awful, that itching that can never be cured, even if you flay yourself trying. Horrific, but vividly written, love. Love the clear, simple way you’ve shown how the desire controls her. Powerful writing 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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