F4TF #27 -Bits and Bobs


My kilt wearing, hairy blogging hubby KW came up with this week’s question:

What are your favourite terms for referring to “those” bits of your/your partner’s body? Which terms do you utterly detest? Why do you feel that way about them?

I have tackled this topic before in a lighthearted fashion. If you fancy a giggle please have a read (and do let me know if you enjoy it!)

So, on to the question; well let’s see…

I call my boobs, well boobs! but also I call them The Girls, chesticles or breasts. I really dislike the word tits – I am not sure why but it strikes me as disrespectful in some way, something a rude builder would call out maybe. Similarly calling them ‘mamms’ is horrible, as in “get your mamms out for the boys”. Gross!

As for my Lady Parts, (snigger), I call them “her’ or “she” mostly. Otherwise I’d say vagina or clit. I use pussy and cunt quiet a bit when I write, depending on the mood of the piece. Or I call it my ‘woohoo’ – (yeah it’s not sexy, and not really a word, it’s more of a sound I make, like a deranged owl or something).

For fun, I occasionally use the word ‘wendy’ which I picked up from Smack The Pony years ago, it makes me laugh. As does, ‘spider’ which came from Little Britain’s Vicky Pollard. The word ‘vajayjay’ makes me shudder; I mean, really? Va-fucking-jay-jay?!

I used to call it Lady Garden but given my current grooming preference these days it’s more like a Lady Desert I guess!

As for men’s bits, I use cock mostly when I write, although I use penis and erection too. Anything is better that ‘member’ or ‘staff’, both of which make me cringe. ‘Dick’ sounds a bit wee to me, and ‘mickey’ or ‘willy’ are just silly and childish.

And balls are just balls.


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10 thoughts on “F4TF #27 -Bits and Bobs

  1. My little sister refers to her ‘hoo-ha’ and it makes me cringe. As for vajayjay… Blech. I do like the term ‘vajazzled’ though, as in “the state of bedazzlement brought on by the awesomeness of my vagina.” For example, In his orgasmic stupor, he could barely speak. He was completely vajazzled. 😉

    I’m not a fan of ‘dick’ – I much prefer cock. The miniaturized ego terms (Dave’s cock as ‘little Dave’, Mike’s cock as ‘little Mike’, etc) are NOT cute. Nor is the extraneous naming of that body part. Men who call their penis ‘Bob’ for example. Ugh.

    Bodice-ripper romance novel terms make me laugh. Staff, rod, member, etc. Pole? Give me a break! Meaty flesh, jutting muscle… *snort*

    Terms like ‘bull’ and ‘stallion’ as euphemisms just make me want to be snarky. I don’t go around calling my vag by farm animal names. “C’mere big guy, and give my llama some attention” has a unique ring to it though, I must say. 😛

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    1. Haha! Oh that made me laugh! I’ve pictured quite the fuzzy area now! Llama is too funny!
      Hoo Ha is great! so funny!
      I’ve only ever herd of vajazzle in terms of the practice of applying stick on glitter and jewels to a bare pubic area, but I much prefer your interpretation! It’s as if the very sight of your vagina stunned him!
      I agree about naming the cock after themselves, a guy calling it Dave Jnr would NOT get me excited.

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  2. I hate vajayjay. Or hoo-ha (maybe slightly less).
    I must say, I even dislike the use of the term vagina for something that is *not* a vagina. I mean, the vagina is the tube like organ leading from the uterus to the outside, the route used for babies to come out naturally. NOT my vulva, labia, clitoris.
    I’ll use cunt when talking about the vagina (which sounds bit too medical too me) and pussy when referring to the vulva, mostly. Clit for clitoris, lips for what they are.
    I prefer boobs and breasts to tits, but won’t refuse to use that word.
    As for men, I too prefer cock to any other word. I sometimes struggle with using different terms. Erection I’ll use, and a few others at times, but mostly cock.
    Balls is the word of choice, but I may use nuts, though it was mostly in jest or in anger (I want to grind his nuts).
    It’s funny how we are with words!

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