F4TF #26 – Sweet or Sour?


Inspired by the wonderful scene in 9 1/2 weeks…

Do you enjoy incorporating food into your sex life? What kinds do you use? What do you like about it? Or, conversely, do you find the idea off-putting? Why so?

I love that scene! The thoughts of being blindfolded and teased with food by a gorgeous young Mickey Rourke certainly gets me hot and bothered!

As for whether I have ever incorporated food into my sexy shenanigans… yep! We played with licking ice cream off each other as youngsters but I found the stickiness off-putting.

One thing we used to do quite a lot was use champagne, (well, we were students so it was Cava!). Slurping bubbly from your loved ones navel is so much fun, as is the sensation of cold fizz being poured over your skin. We used to enjoy taking a mouthful of wine and passing it to each other as well – this works best with red wine as the mouth warms it perfectly. It’s a sweet, sexy and intimate thing to do.

I’ve noticed I keep typing we ‘used to’ and, on reflection, we don’t use food or drink in our playtimes anymore. I have no idea why. Perhaps I will start a discussion later about being blindfolded and fed whatever he finds fun to use on me.

And I’ll be sure not to have any chilli peppers in the fridge!


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