F4TF #25 -Just A Number?

imageDo you have a preference when it comes to the age of your sexual partners? What is it and why do you think you have it?

Is there a limit in terms of age that you will not break? What’s too young or too old for you? Why?

They, (whoever they are), say the rule for dating someone younger is half your age plus seven, which would put my limit at 28.5. I have no idea if there is an equivalent rule for dating someone older than you… maybe twice your age minus 7? which would result in me sleeping with a 79 year old.

It’s funny, because I can imagine sleeping with a 28 year old far easier than I can with a 79 year old. I know that sounds very ageist! It is very ageist… But it just makes me feel uncomfortable. Bruce Springsteen is 66, which is still 23 years older than me, but could I imagine fucking him? Hell yeah! Then again, The Boss is not typically representative of most 66 year old men.

Do I have a preference? I tend to be more likely to flirt with and drawn to men around my age or younger. (Yes I am a cougar at heart!) I think this is because I feel quiet a bit younger than my age inside, so someone my own age feels older than me anyway, if that makes any sense. I think 28 is a good cut off point – not that I imagine any young guys would ever want to be with me!

I am not really ever attracted to older men, (Bruce excepted!). I’d go so far as to say anything over 50 would be a push for me. Why? I am not sure. My father was an older Dad, (he was around 50 when I was born), so maybe that is an explanation as to why the thought of sex with older men leaves me cold.

I guess at the end of it all, age really is just a number – some people are born old and others, like me, never really grow up at all! It mostly depends on the individual.


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21 thoughts on “F4TF #25 -Just A Number?

  1. I REALLY try hard not to be ageist and honestly find it hard to tell when I’m being ageist versus when it’s simply that my experience has led me to believe a certain thing. I do try to give everyone a chance regardless of age, but I find it difficult, and skew younger.

    “…not that I imagine any young guys would ever want to be with me!”

    I have no idea how old you are, but you are clearly much younger than me if 50 is your upper cut-off: trust me younger men are all over older women. with my recent vanilla dating site adventures, 58% of my inbox was email from men under 35, 24% under 25. I’m 50 (yikes!). So yeah.


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  2. It’s hard to think of rock stars in terms of their real age. I heard yesterday on the radio that Ronnie Wood had become the father or twins at 68!

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  3. From the perspective of biology it makes sense for men to prefer young women by which I mean those of child baring age. Like all animals we humans possess an urge (with a few exceptions) to perpetuate the species. Of course with modern contraceptive methods many men can enjoy relationships with ladies considerably younger than themselves without pregnancy being the result. However in the genetic make-up (at a subconscious level) there does arguably remain the desire to spread one’s genes and this is easier with a younger woman, hence the attraction of many men to ladies considerably younger than themselves. I shall studiously avoid telling you my own preference …! Kevin

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  4. Ha! My sign-up on a swinging site led me to consider this question. One thing I can tell you is that, for now at least, to me the lower limit would be at least 10 years older than my oldest. I don’t want to feel like I’m sleeping with my kid! As for older men… it all depends what you’re really looking for. I haven’t asked the age of all the men I slept with, and to be honest, some it happened in the dark so I have no idea what they actually looked like.
    But I guess for me it would be something like 65, pushing to 70. That’s in a club setting, with my partner nearby. If we were to meet outside of a club? I think my preference would probably be no older than 55/60.
    So I’d prefer not to go below 35, though willing to consider 30, no older than 70. I think. But then… it all depends on chemistry 😉

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    1. Oh, I forgot to mention the problem or ED with older men, so it’s not always as pleasant, especially for someone like me who has big needs.

      As for being hit on by younger men? Yes, it does happen, even though it’s not my preference. I much prefer someone who knows what they’re doing, spent way too long with a man who had no idea. I don’t have time to waste on teaching everything to someone. 🙂

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      1. Hope you dont mind me asking, but if it is dark how do you know whether the man is clean or is, in fact using protection. I appreciate this is a personal question but when you mentioned encounters in the dark I couldn’t help wondering about it. Best. Kevin


      2. Oh, I don’t mind.
        The times I said it was dark it was because I was in a sauna. So the cleanliness is pretty much obvious, everyone hops into the shower every time they’ve been with someone else. As for protection, touch is great to ascertain that there is something. And since I have a latex allergy, I have to bring my own condoms and make sure the guys are wearing it.
        Also, my partner is there to look out for me.
        And it’s not completely black, just very dim lights. So figuring out someone’s age is harder to do. But you can still see some, including their eyes. At least most of the time 🙂

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      3. Well, I haven’t written about it in a while, but you’re welcome to come read my posts, you just have to ask for authorisation as I has to go private a few months ago. 🙂

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