TMI Tuesday – BFFs, sex, and break-ups


1. Hey, how are you doing?

Pretty crappy! In pain. Pissed off. Stressed. Hassled. Grouch!

2. You are given a strong but soft to the touch (and on the skin) rope. What will you do? (pick just one). Explain your choice.

a. Throw it in the garage to use later to tie down a tarp or something.
b. Use it for indoor wall rock climbing.
c. Tie up your lover and have your way with him/her.
d. Lasso your secret crush and take them with you.

C – but only if I am the one being bound! Then they can do with me as they wish… (hopefully with a sadistic twist!)

3. Tell us 3 reasons why you or anyone should masturbate.

I just did! Because I was a mix of horny, bored and frustrated.

It’s good for your physical and mental health, it’s free, it doesn’t hurt anyone else.

The questionis… Why NOT have a wank?

4. Would you have sex with your best friend? Have you had sex with a best friend in the past? How’d that work out–did you stay friends?

In a word, no. I think it would complicate and forever change the friendship.

Besides, technically I married my best friend and Yes I do have sex with him!

And also, I’m so damn good they’d not be able to resist falling for me! 😂

5. What are your top 5 reasons to break up with someone?

Well, after 25 years it would take a lot to break us up. I think we could work through just about anything. We had a number of years where it was touch and go, and a split was very much on the table but at the end of it all we just couldn’t say goodbye.

Does dying count?

Bonus: Post an image you find erotic? What about it arouses you?

Oh, to choose just one?!


Ok, I cheated a wee bit! I cannot tell you how much I love nipple play that involves pain, so I think you can work out why I find these images arousing!





Happy TMI Tuesday!


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All rights reserved.

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