F4TF #23 – If I Were A Boy…

The Hairy One and I have some fantastic chats about all sorts of things, and if I recall correctly, this week’s question came about as a result of one of them.

KW asked us:

If you could spend one day as a member of the opposite sex, would you? If so, how would you spend that day?

First of all, I have already answered this question way back in May 2014if you are interested in checking it out.

I just reread my own post and very little has changed.

Having said that, I noticed that I forgot to include that I would most definitely want to receive a blow job from someone who REALLY knows what they are doing. First of all just to experience what it feels like and also because I am interested in whether there are any tricks or techniques that I don’t already know about… learning on the job as it were.

I would like to know how it feels to walk alone somewhere with no conscious regard for my personal safety. I know the world is getting ever more dangerous and violent, and men are victims of assault too, but I do believe it feels different to be a woman out alone, especially at night.  Also, as a man I think I’d be very aware of how I behave around women. I would dread to think I could cause them anxiety or fear. I am sure most decent guys think this way too. I am very interested in knowing what it feels like to be a man in today’s society – how I would be expected to behave as opposed to how I am as a woman.

I would love to know what it feels like to shave my face, but also what it feels like to have a beard. I guess I’d need to be in the body of a bearded man and then at the end of the day I shave it all off. I think I would be a beard stroker type.

So those are my ideas of how I would spend a day as a man: sex, violence, peeing, facial hair, societal roles, more sex…

Maybe I’d finally understand the offside rule too?


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8 thoughts on “F4TF #23 – If I Were A Boy…

  1. Definitely top of my list is sex. To feel desire rise, and with that, a hard on…and what shade of blue would my balls get if I didn’t get an immediate blow job 😉
    I agree about the curiosity of blow jobs. First, a basic quickie, then a master of felatio having their way with my penis. Would that be best done by a man? Because since he has a penis he’d know how to do it? I’ve been told many times by many men that I’m very good at it… Because like doing them and it turns me on that makes all the difference in the world.
    Then again, I’ve heard that even a bad blow job is still a blow job! I’d love to hear the men weigh in on this. Oh, and testicles. What the hell are having those things like?!?
    Does all that junk really require so much adjusting?
    Next, what’s the difference in feeling between oral and penetration.
    So, for me I guess it’s all about the SEX!

    P.S. Offsides to me, I know. But that’s in hockey. In rugby, I like NRL, Sydney Rabbitohs.

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