F4TF #20 – Respect The Cunt!

IMG_0490I confess that I set this week’s question as I feel pretty passionate about it.

I want us to love our pussies!

To misquote Magnolia, “Respect the cunt“!

How do you feel about how you look “down there”? Are you happy with it? Have you always been?

As any one who reads my blogs knows, I have very few nice things to say about my body or how I look, but… wait for it… I quite like my lady parts!

They are neat, sweet and give me a lot of pleasure.

I’ve been told they are good to look at and very nice to feast on.

I keep the area smooth, simply as a matter of personal preference.

I wasn’t always happy with them – I was very shy and unsure about showing them off. I think getting older has helped.

Now, I get deeply turned on at having them looked at… my exhibitionist streak loves that feeling of being exposed and vulnerable.

My yoni/pussy/cunt/punani is there simply and solely to provide me with pleasure, why wouldn’t I love her?!

 Do you think porn has impacted on how we think about the appearance of women’s genitalia? (Bleaching, hair removal, cosmetic surgery etc?)

 Without doubt I think the perfect pussies of porn have had an impact on how women’s genitals are regarded. I feel very concerned about the effect this has on young people today. I watched a documentary where teenage boys were actually shocked to learn that women even had public hair! I can’t imagine the pressure young girls must feel to fit in to this ridiculous standard and I feel badly for the boys that are being fed utter nonsense.

We are all too aware of the increased trend for cosmetic surgery and, depressingly, this has spread to down below too. Of course reconstructive surgery, to repair damage from childbirth or to increase comfort is a totally different thing, but it makes me sad that women feel the need to cosmetically ‘enhance’ their genitals. The notion that women should have perfectly neat and even lips is simply well… depressing. I love this project by the artist Jamie McCartney, who celebrates women’s bodies just the way they are.

A quote from his website:

“Vulvas and labia are as different as faces and many people, particularly women, don’t seem to know that. McCartney hopes this sculpture will help to combat the exponential rise, seen in recent years, of cosmetic labial surgeries. This new fashion for creating ‘perfect’ vaginas sets a worrying trend for future generations of women.”

Yes, I do remove the hair from mine, but this is not because I want to look like a porn star, (ha! as if!), but because it feels much nicer bare.

And do not even get me started on the mind-blowingly idiotic idea of anal bleaching…

Repeat after me… Respect the cunt!!!!!

Pussy Pride



ref: womhealth.org.au


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5 thoughts on “F4TF #20 – Respect The Cunt!

  1. Thank you for linking into the Pussy Pride project. Like you I am also shaved but not for any other reasons than it is my personal preference. I like how it feels


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  2. Goddess used to not even trim and I loved to worship at her altar, hairon the tongue and all. Since she began fucking other men, she trims substantially and seems to have gotten more sensitive–it looks tidier but I dont love eating her pussy more or less. What I love is her confidence in taking what she wants. And if a trim or eve fully bare makes her more confident, then I’m more attracted. But whether attracted or not, I serve her with my tongue daily nonethless.

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