On our first date you took me to the zoo.

I wore a light, summer skater dress, pale blue with tiny green flowers to compliment my eyes, and my converse sneakers. You were wearing your usual black tee and jeans and carried a backpack stuffed with picnic snacks and drinks.

I was beside myself with nervous excitement. Giddy. Punch drunk with desire for you.

We had not yet kissed.


Your hand on the back of my neck as we walked from one enclosure to another, casually making your claim. Stopping to watch the penguins waddle and dive into their pool, laughing at how clumsy they looked. You surprised me by giving them funny voices, playing out the conversations between them, making me double over laughing. I had no idea you had a silly side. Your face changed completely when you laughed, losing its regular pensive frown and becoming younger looking… freer.

You laid out food onto a secluded picnic bench while I sipped the cold sparkling water you had carried. Relaxed chat about the animals we had seen and the ones we planned on visiting next. Exchanging ideas of what our spirit animals would be; I chose a meerkat and you decided on a grizzly bear.

You leaned across, your face close to mine so I could smell the basil from the salad on your breath. I thought you were going to kiss me. God, I wanted you to kiss me!

You whispered, “Take off your pants, right now, and hand them to me.”

Taken aback at your directness, but simultaneously feeling a heat flare between my legs, I discretely tugged my underwear down over my thighs and feet, bunched them into a ball and passed them to you.

A hint of a smile on your lips as you raise them to inhale my scent, “Good girl. Now, how did that feel?”

“Dirty. Bad, but I love it,” I replied, realising it was the truth. The increasing wet between my thighs confirmed it.

Standing by the lion enclosure, me in front, your solid mass behind me, your arms on either side of me, resting on the fence. Again, marking me as yours.

“Look over there,” you pointed at a corner of the green area where a lioness is lazily sunbathing while a flame-maned male approached her. His giant paw pinned on her back as his teeth closed on the back of her neck.

“Do you know what’s happening?” your breath tickled my ear and I felt your hand slowly stroking its way up my thigh towards my ass, making me gasp, “Someone will see!”

“Shush, trust me. No one can see… Now tell me what’s happening over there.”

You fingers brushed my wet lips, I closed my eyes, unable to believe this was happening.

“Can you see now? He’s going to fuck her,” your fingers slid inside me, probing and stretching me, “Just like I am fucking you now.”

I watched as the lion mounted the female and his hips began to thrust.

Your breath in my ear, your body crushing me to the fence and your fingers pumping inside me.

Within a minute of starting, the lion roared deep from his chest, shuddered and rolled off the female, spent for now.

Your thumb flicked my clit, my breathing grew faster as the heat built within me, the delicious spread of electricity from my crotch outwards to every nerve ending in my body as I came, my cunt tightening and gripping your fingers. Your arm around me, supporting me as I drooped against the fence.

Your fingers left me. I heard you sucking them, tasting me.

“Time to go, baby girl.”

You lifted my chin, turning my head around to you. I breathed in the spicy sandalwood of your beard oil as you planted the slowest, lingering kiss on my mouth, before saying, “We are not finished yet.”


Copyright, 2016,

All rights reserved.


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