F4TF#19 – Size Matters?

imageA chat with an anonymous friend on twitter prompted the question:

If you have sex with men, how much does penis size matter?

It is generally more politically correct to say it doesn’t matter, but I do have one story, which I shared with my aforementioned twitter pal, that highlights when it can matter.

It was a one nighter during my wilder days, back in college, and I ended up back at this guy’s place, having sex… except I really did have to concentrate to decide if he was actually ‘in’ or not. He was, how shall I put this, very, very… narrow?

Now, before you say maybe I was a bit roomy, (how very dare you!?), check out my past post about how I surprised a gyno nurse with how “extraordinarily tiny” my lady tunnel, (wait, did I actually just use that phrase???), is. So, no it wasn’t me… it was him!

For this reason, I can argue that it can be a bit too small, certainly in terms of girth. I think most women, if they care at all, will choose width over length.

That feeling of being filled and stretched is divine, whereas with length… well, if it is very large it can hit off the cervix which, let me tell you, is quite painful.

I admit when I watch porn sometimes the size of some of the actors is quite terrifying! I think if I was confronted with one as big as some I’ve seen online I’d run screaming for the hills!

And yes… I am very happy with the peen I get to play with, thank you!

Just like Goldilocks, it is just right!


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8 thoughts on “F4TF#19 – Size Matters?

  1. I am proud to say that at the age of 53 I still need stretching each time and girth is what it definitely is about. A certain length too, but not so that it regularly crashes the cervix…….wow did I say that?

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