F4TF #18 – To Bae or Not To Bae

IMG_0490Do you and your partner have pet names for each other? Do you use them in private or in public? How do you feel about cutesy names like babe, honey, sugar? Are you ok with being affectionately called slut or bitch? Spill the beans! Dare to tell us your pet name!


The OH and I do use pet names.

We came up with our very unique ones for each other very early on and I have been told clearly that under no circumstances may I divulge my pet name for him! It did once slip from my lips in company and he glared at me! Uhoh!

Calling each other pet names in public is completely fine, as long as it isn’t *that one!

Mostly he calls me ‘love’ or ‘honey’, although my favourite is when he calls me ‘shortie’ or ‘baby’. I really, really, like to hear him say my name though, even though he doesn’t do it often.

I call him lots of things, depending on my mood; ‘love’, ‘darlin’, ‘sweetheart’, ‘Mr. and his surname’, adding an ‘ie’ to the end of his Christian name, ‘babe’, and of course the secret one I am not allowed to share. I will call him Daddy, but in a playful way, never a sexual way. I refer to him as my Big Bear sometimes too.

I enjoy surprising him now and again by coming out with ‘sugar bum’, ‘sweet cheeks’, ‘snuggle bum’, or ‘sugar tits’… just for a giggle.

I have a real problem with being called ‘slut’, ‘bitch’, or ‘whore’, and luckily he has no desire to use those words with me either. I know plenty of people love them but they leave me cold.

And of course… the words, ‘good girl’, will always make me smile!


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