KOTW – A Girl Who Wears Glasses

As a kid, I always sat at the front of class. This was not because I was a swot or a teacher’s pet, (far from it!). I sat there because I couldn’t see the board from any further back.

I remember my first eye test and my mother standing over a very miserable-faced me, as I was forced to choose frames. I was very unhappy at having to become bespectacled. I felt ugly.

I was so unhappy I refused to wear them. I continued my squinting and was often told as a teenager that I was ‘snobby’ or ‘moody’, because I didn’t say hi to people on the street. Anyone who interacts with me here or on Twitter will know how far this is from the truth! I love to chat and am basically a big, slobbery, overly friendly puppy! The reason I didn’t greet people was that I simply didn’t SEE them!

Fast forward to college, and I was still keeping my status as a speccy-four-eyes a secret, until one day a boyfriend and his mate persuaded me to show them. IMG_1352

⬅️  I had quite large, “Wonder Woman before she spun around” glasses at the time and hated them.

When I put them on and saw the two guys’ jaws drop, and heard my BF breathe, “Jesus, you look just like Wonder Woman!” I laughed out loud.

However, I still refused to wear my glasses, not believing guys could ever find me attractive wearing them.

I tried various types of contact lenses, but always found them massively uncomfortable. So, I continued to squint.


These days I wear my glasses almost all the time. What has changed? Well, for one thing I just got really fed up of not being able to see! I am sure I have more wrinkles around my eyes than I should have, and this is probably caused by all that squinting.

But now, I actually think I look ok wearing my glasses. I have discovered over on Twitter that a large proportion of guys really, and I mean really, like girls in glasses. When I told the OH my plans for this post earlier, he rolled his eyes, saying, “I’ve told you forever that you are beautiful in your glasses!” to which I replied, “Yeah, but I needed a bunch of random strangers on the internet to convince me…!” We had a good laugh about that.

I wonder why guys dig chicks in frames so much?

Does it hark back to the old Wonder Woman fantasy? Is it a “sexy secretary” thing? Or perhaps they see a bookish nerd, who secretly is a filthy, kinky little minx?

Whatever, I am just glad to know that I am not less attractive because I am myopic.

To think it actually could turn a guy on is even better!

Wink, wink!





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23 thoughts on “KOTW – A Girl Who Wears Glasses

  1. I was usually the shortest one in class, so I was seated up front. I had reading glasses as a grade schooler, and the frames were enormous (whose idea was it to make children’s eyeglasses bigger than the children’s faces, I have no idea) and then I didn’t have reading glasses (I don’t know why I suddenly no longer needed them).

    As an adult, I was the one who squinted & bitched that the “print is too small” or that “it’s difficult to read this menu in the dimly lit restaurant”. I had reading glasses, driving glasses. There came a point where I would read with the reading glasses on and still bitch about “the print is too small” (the printer was also blurry but I didn’t want to admit that).

    I eventually found out that my corneas are irregularly shaped (they should be flat but they’re cone-shaped) so I had two eye surgeries and was fitted with hard contact lenses (glasses don’t help, soft lenses are useless, I need the hard lenses to push my corneas into the flat shape they should be in, so light gets in, so the print isn’t blurry). The hard contact lenses are not exactly comfortable…I can’t close my eyes completely when I have them in, my eyes get very dry, and that feeling of having a foreign body in the eye never goes away. Wearing them is not fun and so I never have them in for long hours. So I still spend part of the time being squinty and half blind. I’d actually rather be squinty and half blind than wear the lenses and be in constant eye pain. I mean, I wear them when I have to.


  2. I can’t tell you why, but it is true. Maybe the sexy librarian or secretary vibe, or maybe it’s because of the mentality that women are only beautiful when perfect as seen in advertising, modeling and pinups at one time. So seeing a photo of a woman wearing glasses doing something sexy is extra arousing. If I knew you better, I could give a more descriptive answer.

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  3. Ah, LOVE this! I’ve worn them since I was 10 or so, and it never occurred to me not to wear them… I just loved being able to see! 😉 They’ve always been a part of my face. I suppose I’m lucky that I didn’t grow up in an environment where I was teased about it.

    And, yes, I’ve been told the same 😉 Some guys will request you keep them on 😉 Which suits me; all the better to SEE you with, my dear 🙂

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  4. i hated it for years. Sometimes i still do. My ex husband use to make me take them off on the rare times we done anything! Ive worn glasses for 30+ years and i dont think ive been with anyone who has insisted on me keeping them on. It seems to be popular thing these days so heres hoping my next partner enjoys them 🙂 x

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  5. As I wrote in my post, I have become more fond of my glasses in recent times and I think some of that is down to having a partner who thinks they are sexy. Interesting for him it seems to stem from a early sexy librarian playboy image that turned him and ignited a kink for him


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  6. I think we both have a similar relationship with glasses, I couldn’t keep up at school because I couldn’t see, then my glasses made me even uglier than I was anyway! I wear mine all the time because it’s easier and it’s Twitter that told me that men like nerdy girls, something my partner has been telling me for years. I still hate them though, if on,y contacts weren’t so uncomfortable!!

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