F4TF #13 – Dealbreakers


What would constitute a deal-breaker in terms of finding someone attractive? List the top three things that would be a serious turn off for you; it can be physical, a personality quirk, a habit… whatever does NOT float your boat!



Top three turn-offs… why oh why did I limit myself top just three??? Dumb Kat! Okay, here goes…

Rudeness/lack of manners:

I cannot bear when people are rude.

Manners matter! They indicate a basic and fundamental respect for other people.

If I were on a date and the man I was with snapped his fingers at the waiter I would be appalled. If he was late, unless he had a reasonable excuse, I would interpret it that he feels his time is of more value than mine. If he ignored me to play with his phone, I would be fuming.

The OH won my heart with his old fashioned, chivalry and touching display of care and good manners.

I will say it again… manners matter!

Narrow mindedness/ignorance:

Uh… what is worse than trying to engage with people who can only see the world through their own narrow view of it? Or to converse with someone who has not taken the time to actually think about different topics, who has never bothered to broaden their knowledge base and widen their intellectual horizons? Last week I discussed how sexy I find intelligence and a passion for learning, so if a man is happy to remain stagnant in his thinking, I cannot imagine we would have much to talk about.

And if that narrow-mindedness extends to any form of bigotry we have absolutely nothing in common. End of.

Lack of personal hygiene:

This is not as superficial as it may first appear!

Unless someone has a physical or mental health reason for not bathing or brushing and flossing teeth, (a surprising number of folk still do not floss… “no flossy, no kissy” people!), they indicate to me that they are a person who has very little respect for themselves or the other unfortunate people who have to share environment.

In particular, if a man has long, unkempt, dirty fingernails, my stomach has been known to flip, and NOT in a good way. To think of those fingers touching me leaves me cold…


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One thought on “F4TF #13 – Dealbreakers

  1. What would constitute a deal breaker?

    A guy who snaps his fingers at the waiter is rude and demeaning to the waiter, and just shouldn’t be allowed out in public. But something my brother in law does to my sister is even worse. At family get togethers, when he’s ready to go, he makes a helicopter gesture with his index finger, as if to say “I’m ready to jet” and if he’s ready to go, she doesn’t get a choice…he makes that gesture before dessert and she gets to pack up their two kids and leave without dessert. I consider THAT more of a turn off than snapping his fingers at a waiter.


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