Girl Interrupted – Friday Flash #2


Silver clouds of smoke wafted lazily through the hazy beams of light that cast images of sweaty, humping, groaning bodies onto the big screen. The manager of this dive didn’t give two shits about health and safety or smoking bans. As long as the clientele paid for their tickets, they could do whatever they pleased as they sat in the dark; a sad brotherhood of lonely, horny men, quietly jacking themselves off to the perfect plastic pussies and money shots playing before them.

Janey grinned to herself. She would happily bet her paltry week’s wages that these guys never suspected the person tucked away up in the tiny room with the projector was a curvy chick; platinum blonde, streaked with jet black and hot pink flashes, cherry red lips and kohl stained eyes. They probably imagined an old balding guy, with a cigarette hanging from his puckered lips, tobacco stained fingers controlling the equipment, probably with his other hand shoved down his wrinkled trousers, doing exactly the same as the audience below.

Her face glowed in the reflected light from the screen as she watched the actors suck and lick, their glistening sculpted bodies writhing in fake ecstasy. Janey shook her head; as if these women were actually enjoying being pounded by a guy that resembles a mahogany sideboard, who clearly finds himself more attractive than the poor bitch he’s fucking.

“Any second now he’ll start to kiss his own biceps,” she sighed as the thought ran through her mind, I could make better porn than this shit…

She pictured Matt, the ticket guy; tall, skinny with an unkempt blonde mop, tortoiseshell glasses permanently perched on his nose. She imagined taking those glasses off and looking into his brown eyes; imagined cupping the back of his head and drawing his lips down to meet hers. Her fingers lifted the hem of her skirt and slipped beneath her underwear, finding herself already wet. Her fantasy-Matt’s tongue explored her mouth, as his hands did her body, squeezing her breasts and pressing himself to her… his erection hard and hot against her stomach. Her eyes closed, she played with her clit while her other hand sought out her nipple, pulling on it and pinching. She didn’t need long, she could feel her orgasm building inside her, but she wanted to enjoy the scene in her head for longer. Her fingers left her clit and caressed her outer lips; the feeling of teetering on the edge of release was torturous but divine. Hips rocking, fingers teasing herself, she knew she couldn’t delay it much longer. She pictured Matt’s thick cock in his hand as he guided it to her waiting mouth.

A shrill beeping startled her. The signal to change reels sounded in the cramped room eliciting a groaned, “Fuck!”, from Janey.

“Fuckin’ cheapskate! Why can’t you up grade the goddamned system and enter the 21st century?”

Wiping her hand on her skirt, Janey stood and loaded a new reel, “Fucker!”


Copyright, 2016,

All rights reserved.

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16 thoughts on “Girl Interrupted – Friday Flash #2

  1. This was fantastic. You really pulled me inside the world of the cinema – and Janey is such a fleshed-out character (in more ways than one!). You achieved so much in under 500 words. 🙂 Inspiring!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I liked your story. Well told, capturing the experience and atmosphere of a porn palace… and yes, I would imagine a guy in the projection booth fitting that description. I did that many years ago in an adult theater in the ’60’s when that first started, and again years later in a booth at an adult bookstore when they came upon the scene. Not really satisfying but always game for a new experience.

    I loved your line… Wiping her hand on her skirt, Janey stood and loaded a new reel … nice punchline.

    Liked by 1 person

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