F4TF #12 – Sexy

IMG_0490The question posed by the Wookster this week was:

What is sexy? Is it appearance, is it an attitude, or is it just some unfathomable quality that you see in someone?


What is sexy???

Let’s get the superficial stuff out of the way… Physically, I don’t really have a ‘type’ as such… I like my men blonde, dark and ginger. And grey for that matter. I am very short so height is never really an issue. I love skinny, rock-god type physiques, big rugby types and guys with a belly who don’t work out. I do love beards but I find men without facial hair just as sexy as their hairier counterparts.

I do love blue eyes though.

I find longer hair very sexy on men – a military crew cut does nothing for me. I beg the OH to grow out his hair but he refuses; growing a beard for me was one thing, but he will not grow his hair.

But to be honest, for me sexiness is much more about the person inside than it is about the shell. I find intelligence is a must if I am to find a guy sexy. I need him to be able to stimulate my brain as much as my body. The OH and I have amazing conversations covering just about any and every topic you could think of. We have fantastic debates. We teach each other new things all the time as we read very different genres and media.

A sense of humour is essential for sexiness! The OH makes me roar with laughter every day and there is nothing better. If a man can’t make me laugh, or, (heaven forefend!) he doesn’t think I’m funny, any chance of anything happening is dead in the water. I mean… I am freaking hilarious, right?

What else?

Kindness. I have had more than my fair share of bad boys and, although they were exciting and fun, they were ultimately all dicks who broke my heart. A man who is confident enough to show his softer side; who demonstrates kindness and compassion, who genuinely cares about other people… that is sexy! Watching the OH help someone, (not because he has to, but because it is just how he is wired), or watching him play with his nephews, or take care of our dogs with such tenderness and love… Sexy!

I think sexiness is a state of mind also. There are days I can think of myself as a sexy woman, (very rare, but they happen, like Supermoons I guess), but that can change in a heartbeat and I feel about as sexy as a used teabag.

Oh! One last thing I very nearly forgot to include… ability/skill. I don’t care if you are a whizz with a spreadsheet or if you can build a house from scratch with your bare hands; maybe you can throw a meal together from whatever is in the fridge, or perhaps you can play an instrument or draw – it doesn’t matter, but to be competent in something and even better, to enjoy it and have passion for it – that is sexy!

In summation, sexiness is very much about what is happening inside a person over and above how they look. It is their personality, their attitude, their unique qualities, that make them sexy. And as with beauty, it is in the eye of the beholder!


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14 thoughts on “F4TF #12 – Sexy

  1. I agree with pretty much all of this, except the hair. Prefer shorter hair 🙂
    But yes, being able to stimulate my mind, long conversations about everything, skills, being kind. All of these!
    I suppose I’d better go and write mine 😀


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