Funny Fanny

My new nickname from the OH is Funny Fanny…

Yesterday I finally got to attend my specialist appointment that I had been waiting a year for. After the examination the doctor casually mentioned, “Well, you have a retroverted uterus…”

Whoa! Hold up Dr! A what now?!

Apparently about 25% of women have this and it is not necessarily an issue in terms of well being. It simply means that my little womb tilts backwards, towards my spine rather that towards my tummy as with the majority of women.


This morning, as he made me coffee, the OH turned to me and said, “So, I guess I’ll be calling you Funny Fanny from now on then?”

We both laughed at the idea that my quirks and my tendency to be a little ‘different’ extend to my innards!

I just checked something with him and he asked who I am telling this too. I replied I am blogging it which earned me a “really?” look and a slow shake of his head…

Hey! What can I say, I am an over-sharer!    😂


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40 thoughts on “Funny Fanny

  1. Lol…it’s good when we can look at our differences and laugh. I have a severely bicornuate uterus….is you wanna see something weird, google that! It’s almost like two separate horns…..i told my husband “apparently I’m just a horny girl all around” ☆

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      1. It poses no issues in everyday life…just makes pregnancy a little weird, as I’m sure a retroverted uterus does too. The biggest prob for me is preterm babies that are breech. Oh, and my pregnant tummy is lopsided, lmao….it was the weirdest thing ever.

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      2. It kind of does hinder pregnancy in my case, but we have one child, so that’s a blessing. It took 8 years… and he came 5 weeks early. If i ever get pregnant again I have to give myself a shot weekly after 12 weeks to ward off preterm labor. And then the baby also has to have steroid shots at 28 and 30 weeks.

        I hope in your case pregnancy is easy when you finally decide the time is right !!

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      3. A retroverted uterus poses no problem for pregnancy, as I am living proof (who said anything about TMI? 😉 ).
        Bicornuate is much more problematic, and I’m glad you managed to have babies even with it.

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      4. If I may correct something… the baby doesn’t have to get shots. You get steroid shots, so that it helps ripen the lungs of the baby in case of preterm labor.
        Sorry about the weekly shots. I was hospitalised for a long time with one of my pregnancies. I received progesterone at first, in the beginning, and then salbutamol IV while in hospital. And when I was finally released, they offered the option of shots or suppositories. I guess I never had a problem going the anal route, so I took the suppositories. One every 6 hours I think (or was it every 4 hours?).
        All this to say there may be alternatives to the shots, it might be worth looking into 🙂
        Good luck with whatever decision you make regarding another pregnancy.

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      1. And now that I think of it, my doctors previously never mentioned it so how many women haven’t been told because a doctor doesn’t think it’s important enough ? At least it’s good to share that it’s not a negative trait.

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