F4TF #9 – First Times



This week’s F4TF query was:


What was the first overtly sexual act you performed on someone else or had performed on you? How did you feel about it afterwards?

Well now… what is an overtly sexual act? French kissing? Love bites? Copping a feel?

I think every one will have their own opinion in this, but I will tell you about my very first physical/sexual encounter with a rather dishy member the opposite sex.

My very first kiss was also my first Frenchie, aged 13. It was with my first boyfriend, who at 16, was incredibly shy. It took him three weeks of hand-holding before he worked up the courage to actually kiss me! I was on the verge of giving up all hope when one day, while we were sitting on his bed listening to music, he launched himself on me and my kissing virginity was finally taken! It didn’t stop there… he gave me a whopper of a hickie on my neck too.

This very fond memory is tinged however, because when I sat at the dinner table that evening, thinking I had successfully covered the love-bite with my friends Gwen’s make up, I was sadly mistaken. My father saw the offending mark and my pretty innocent exploits earned me a head-swivelling slap across my face. I’ll never forget it.

However, this did nothing to deter me from further exploration, to the extent I got quite a thrill from straddling a boyfriend’s face, naked, on the floor of my living room a few years later, both of us listening to my father snoring just above us. My defiant, rebellious side always won out! I dread to think what would have happened to that poor guy, (and to me), if my father had ever discovered us!

So, how did I feel about my first kiss and hickie?

Thrilled. Grown up. Excited.

Until later, at home, where those feelings were replaced by fear, anger, shame and a ‘fuck you’ determination to carry on doing whatever the fuck I wanted despite any punishment it might incur.

Not a thing has changed it seems!


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43 thoughts on “F4TF #9 – First Times

  1. Great images from this post. I am glad you were not discovered naked straddling your boyfriend. That was the best thought of the post. Certain death could have resulted. Our firsts can be very memorable for various reasons, the hickey probably more so because of the punishment.

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  2. It’s an amazingly risky “game” we play at a very young age. With hindsight, we probably shudder at some of the things we attempted.

    Some memories make us smile, while others are less happy. Your story is a bittersweet combination of both.


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