365 Questions Day 30


Day 30:

Because I do my best everyday to make sure it is warm, welcoming and filled with as much love and laughter as it can be.


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7 thoughts on “365 Questions Day 30

  1. Well, I fear you might be better than me at making it welcoming. I mean, people are always welcome, but more often than not my house isn’t really guest ready. If they don’t mind the mess, then I’ll be happy to have them over, and we can have a laugh or ten 🙂

    I’m getting better though. I guess as life settles down, as my mind becomes more settled and ordered too, so is my house 🙂


      1. Ah, yes, I have a few friends like you 🙂
        But I agree, people who feel that my mess is a problem don’t need to come back. If they want to see a spotless house, they may as well open a magazine, for all I care 🙂

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