His Gift (Friday Flash #1)

Revised for Friday Flash, relaunched by the wonderful F Dot Leonora!

photo of fishnets by Big Miss Naughty

illicit thoughts


“Did you get it?”

Her fingertips caressed the gift wrapped box, “Yes, it’s here.”

“Open it baby,” he breathed over the line.

She untied the burgundy satin bow and slipped the ribbon from the embossed cream oblong. Opening the box to reveal layers of silver and gold tissue paper, she smiled and lifted out his gift.


“It’s lovely! Very sexy Sir. Thank you.”

She listened closely to his instructions before hanging up.


The restaurant was busy and it was not long before she had a trickle of sweat running down her spine as she ushered customers to their tables, took orders and delivered hot plates to hungry and impatient diners. Longing for her break, she gulped some ice water behind the bar between servings. Her phone beeped in her apron pocket. She knew he expected her to read the text immediately. Sneakily she slipped her phone out and…

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