Bending The Rules

“We said we wouldn’t do this.”

“We said we wouldn’t have sex…” her moss green eyes shone with the thrill of the idea of breaking our own rules, “Don’t you want to see it?”

She shifted slightly on the edge of the bed, her dress riding up her thighs as she parted her legs – a glimpse of milky white against the black of her hold ups and a flash of black lace between her legs. My breath caught in my throat. Of course I wanted to see it; her cunt had been all I had thought about since she walked into the reception, wearing that short black dress, her dark hair piled high in an elegant chignon exposing her long throat and defined shoulders.

She smiled, her expression a mixture of coy and brazen that only she could pull off as she pulled her dress up further to reveal her tiny black lace pants. I stirred in my chair, unsure whether to stop her or just go with the flow.

“Tell me… tell me to stop?” she whispered.

I swallowed, remained silent.

Slowly her fingers slipped under the crotch of her pants as she spread her legs wider. She pulled the delicate fabric to one side, revealing herself to me. Beautiful. Her lips were completely bare, pink and inviting, glistening with her arousal. I was transfixed. Her fingers explored her folds, dark-painted short fingernails slipping over her gradually swelling clit. I felt my cock harden as I sat watching her. I wanted more.

“Take them off…” my voice was a growl deep in my throat. She wriggled out of the pants and threw them towards me, giggling. I caught them easily and pressed them to my nose, breathing in her scent; musky, sweet, heady.

Her breathing grew faster as she sat opposite me, her legs as wide as she could spread them, playing with herself for my pleasure; her own growing pleasure clearly evident.

“Do you want to taste?” her eyes locked onto mine, a hint of challenge in them. I didn’t need to be asked a second time. I dropped to my knees and buried my face between her thighs, teasing her for as long as I could bear before I simply had to lick her. She tasted sweet, rich and creamy. Her scent intoxicated me. My tongue lapped at her, flicking over her swollen nub, sucking her, searching inside her as deep as I could reach.

I wanted her naked. I lifted my head and looked at her, “Take it off, I want to see you,” it wasn’t a request. She pulled her dress over her head and ripped her strapless bra off. Finally I got to see her completely, as I had wanted to for so long. I gave myself some minutes to just look at her; her breasts, heaving as she breathed, her narrow waist and gently curved hips, her gorgeous cunt opened wide for me. I took a mental photograph of her for later.

My hands grasped her breasts and I pinched and played with her pink nipples as my head sank back to torment her pussy.

“Oooooh fuuuuuuck! Aaaaaaahhhh…” her hands grabbed the sides of my head and she grinded her sex against my mouth, shameless, caring only that her need was satisfied, crying out unintelligible sounds as she came. Kissing her inner thighs as she panted, coming down from her peak, I wondered what else was going to happen between us. What about our rule?

“Your turn.”

Surprised, I looked at her, her face and chest flushed a delightful pink, her hair messed and tangled, “Don’t you want to?” she asked.

I stood and she sat up to undo my belt and charcoal dress trousers, pulling my cock out and pushing the clothes down to my knees. Reaching between her legs, she coated her palm with her own juices and used it to glide her hand along my length, looking up into my eyes, her generous, round breasts bobbing as she stroked me. I was torn between letting her carry on and throwing her down on the bed to devour those nipples.

She didn’t give me any further choice; her tongue snaked its way from the base of my erection to the tip where she flicked her tongue over my delicate head while her small hand played with my balls. Her mouth sucked, licked and teased me until I felt I couldn’t hold out any longer. When I felt her fingers press against the sensitive spot just behind my cock, a deep pressure, unlike anything I had ever felt before built within me. I didn’t have time to warn her as I exploded into her mouth, shooting out more that I think I ever had before, the surge of my orgasm hitting every nerve ending in my body. Breathless, I stood as she lapped me clean, my hands in her tousled hair, wanting to explain to her how I felt but not having the words.

She smiled up at me. I bent to kiss her mouth but she backed away, “No. We can’t. The rule,” a tiny frown creasing her brow as she stood up and retrieved her underwear from the floor, “Let’s just enjoy what we did, ok?”

Later, as I mingled in the crowd, networking, enduring the idle chatter, my phone vibrated in my pocket.

The text: “How do you feel knowing you’ve seen me naked? Knowing I’ve drained your cock and that you fucked me with your tongue?”

I couldn’t suppress the grin on my face as I typed back, “Hard”, looking up and seeing her glowing face across the room as she casually turned her back to me to talk to a colleague.



31 thoughts on “Bending The Rules

      1. Yes. Really. The rules, then bending those rules to a boiling point yet not breaking them. Satisfying and yet the chase to break the rules is still very much alive and rejuvenated !!


  1. There’s just something about office affairs that’s so exciting, thrilling. The secret between two people… and it sure makes a working day a helluva lot more interesting 😉

    Sexy story!

    Rebel xox


  2. There just something about office affairs that’s so exciting and thrilling. It sure makes a working day that much more interesting 😉

    Sexy story!

    Rebel xox

    PS: Sorry if this is a double comment, the first didn’t seem to go through.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Hotel sex, is something many can relate to, I know I have had naughty times in hotel rooms, as for office sex, anyone who has worked in an office is likely to have imagined it.

        But you write them so well


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