F4TF The Naked Truth



This week’s F4TF asked us this:



Are you at ease being naked? Do you feel more comfortable clothed or unclothed? Can you explain why you feel this way?

 Anyone who reads either of my blogs will be very familiar with my “tolerate/hate” relationship with my body and it will come as no surprise to read that I am massively uncomfortable being naked.

What maddens me is when I was very slim, and I mean VERY slim, I still didn’t like being naked. Which baffles me… Surely I should have been tearing around in the buff the whole time back then?

Don’t get me wrong… I can get naked! I don’t have sex through a blanket with a hole cut in at the crotch! And once I am fully engaged in the activity, I am able to put my floppy bits to the back of my mind and enjoy myself. I can even dash from the bed to the loo and back if necessary…

But I am not that person who chooses to be naked, if that makes sense.

I see so many of my Sinful Sunday friends who seem to prefer to be naked and feel so very at home in that state that they sit in their back gardens or lie around the house without any clothes on. I couldn’t do that!

I get naked for the shower. The most streaking I will do is if I forget to bring my towel in, I’ll dash to the cupboard to get one and quickly cover myself again… yes this is when I am alone!

I have no desire to have to look at my own body. I would never want to sit or lie naked reading or watching tv… I can’t even imagine doing that.

I wish I was different. I wish I could feel happy naked. I would love to be like Molly, Livvy, Exposing 40, Rebel, Kilted Wookie, A Dissolute Life, Cherry Tart, Big Miss Naughty – to name only a few!

Wookie tells me to look in the mirror naked for 10 minutes a day telling myself I am beautiful and sexy. I am ashamed to say all I could do was snort at his very practical and kind suggestion… I am so very far away from being able to do that.

I couldn’t do that when I had a 6 pack, thigh gap and was wearing kids clothes. How can I do it now?

So I sit here now wondering why I even posed the question this week… did I unconsciously want to just piss myself off again? I have asked my F4TF partner in crime the Wookster to remind me not to post questions that actually trigger my own issues… dumbass!

This is my response. I wish it was more positive.


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23 thoughts on “F4TF The Naked Truth

  1. Baby steps dear Kat. Find one bit of you that you do like (even if it’s your left little toe) and concentrate on that, then slowly expand from there. You don’t need to love every single part of your body, but neither do you need to hate it.

    Be strong, be brave, stay beautiful (you are).


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  2. I went to a nude beach for the first time last year and got bit by the nudity bug. Most liberating experience of my life. So many imperfect bodies, wrinkles, sags, cellulite, misproportions; yet we were all just relaxing in the Florida sunshine.


  3. Lovely Kat – everyone is *so very different* and while I love being naked, what I get up to when I am, and that my blog posts are 99% me with my kit off – I still have the dread of posting every one – the brief thought that I’m being vain and shouldn’t be showing off and/or no-one likes them.
    It’s taken me a long while but I eventually got happy with how I looked when I turned 40.
    At the end of the day the message is small and simple – find a little bit of time to find a little bit you like and go from there however long it takes – we’re here to support you too.
    Much luv BMN xx

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