365 Questions Day 14


Day 14:

Not much.

I had breakfast, showered and was getting ready to leave the house. I brought the dogs out to the back garden so they could do their business and discovered that we had been burgled for the second time. Our gate was wide open, the shed had been broken into and the OH’s tools were scattered around the lawn. I came inside, called the OH and the police and waited for them to arrive.

Since then I’ve just sat. I feel exhausted from the fear and stress of this morning. It’s a wonder I am even writing this…


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7 thoughts on “365 Questions Day 14

  1. I must say I am playing catch up. Been a bit more busy with my own various shit than I care to admit. But I’m really sorry you got broken into a second time. I know (secondhand, from my father, from friends) how stressful it is.
    Hope things settle down quickly and your stuff is found.

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