Food For Thought Friday #5

imageFor the first F4TF of 2016, the question was:

Do you have a sexual fantasy that you would be embarrassed or ashamed to tell anyone about?

Is it a complete fantasy or would you like it to actually happen in real life, if you had the chance?

Are you brave enough to share it here with us?

I live for fantasy! I can honestly say I spend quite a bit of time in my head, fantasising about anything and everything. However, this question pertains to sexual fantasy so I shall not bore you with the random meanderings of my mind here!

In terms of sexual fantasy it is fair to say I have several – some are pretty ‘normal’, nothing to be embarrassed about scenarios of various ways to fuck or be fucked.

I do have fantasies that I would perhaps blush ever so slightly to share publicly, although I am fairly sure I probably have mentioned them on my blog before. They are certainly not very ‘out there’; in fact I knew quite a few people who live them out in real life and they are happy to be quite open about them.

Given that I am a submissive, it probably comes as no surprise that I enjoy the idea of being ‘used’ for pleasure; being a little fucktoy. This is a reality in my relationship and the fact we have made a fantasy into real life experiences is fantastic.

However, there is an aspect to this fantasy that I am more than happy to keep in my head… I do enjoy the fantasy of being used by multiple men. In my fantasy, they gather around and watch me being fucked by or fucking another guy, waiting for their turn, (or sometimes not waiting and joining in). I suppose this appeals to my exhibitionistic kink as well as my fetish for being objectified and used. The OH knows about this fantasy and, following discussion, we are in agreement, (to our mutual relief I think!), that neither of us wants this to actually happen in reality.

I have some other kinks and fantasies that I am not quite ready to disclose quite so publicly right now… they are slightly more… dark in nature? Maybe one day, but not today.

Fantasy is a wonderful, pleasurable and very healthy part of sex I think… what ever happens in our own heads is no one else’s business… enjoy it!


Copyright, 2016,

All rights reserved.


5 thoughts on “Food For Thought Friday #5

  1. Shall I say that everything you wrote here rings so true? I want to be his totally, and for him to use me. It is such a pleasant feeling, to know that I am offered to him completely and that he is actually enjoying the gift!
    As for the other fantasy… I have it too, we were laughing about it last night, as I was explaining to him just how many men could be involved at once…
    And I must say, I’m so happy that he is willing to indulge that fantasy of mine, not every time, it would lose all its appeal, but we’ve already done some of it… one day, under his own terms, maybe we’ll get to the rest…

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      1. Well, the few times I got to try with my regular lover were wonderful 🙂
        The other time when it was with someone who wasn’t as atuned to me, it didn’t quite turn out as well 😉

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