Do you remember how it was? That first time we were together?

We stood, rather awkwardly facing each other, in my hotel room.

“You know I don’t expect anything from you?” you said, clearly reading the direction my thoughts had wandered to.

“Does that mean you don’t want anything from me?” I replied. I needed to be sure you did really want me before I made any further moves. I was already a mess inside – torn between wanting to be with you and the consequences such actions could bring.

“Of course I want you. I’m just thinking of how it will be for you… afterwards.”

“Not your concern…” I lifted my tee-shirt over my head and unhooked my bra, letting it fall at my feet.

Your eyes widened at the sight my bare breasts. I took a step towards you, already wet and hot, my exhibitionist kink taking control of me.

Slowly you reached out and stroked the side of my breast, your thumb stroking my nipple. A rush of electricity stung my skin as you pinched my nipple, drawing me closer to you. Bending your head, I remember your mouth covering my swollen areola as you started to suck and tease me with your tongue. I sagged against you slightly, feeling lightheaded. You wrapped an arm around my waist to support me as you continued to torment me with your mouth.

Your other hand popped my jeans button open and slid underneath my soaked pants. Your fingers easily slipped inside me. The surprise of being penetrated after wanting this for so long was enough to make my muscles contract. My first orgasm surged through me, hard and fast, leaving me breathlessly clinging to your chest.

“Take off the rest and lie down,” you commanded.

Removing your own clothes, you climbed onto the bed over my naked body, and made as if to kiss me. I raised my head to meet your lips, only for you to chuckle and nuzzle where my throat met my collarbone, your lips working their way down to my bare, exposed pussy.

I remember your hot breath against my thigh as you started the slow, exquisite torture of the tease – making me think you were going to tastes me several times before, finally, your tongue languidly licked my slit. The rest is a blur of you flicking, licking, sucking, nibbling until, my fingers gripping the sheets, my legs spread unashamedly wide, I came over and over, spasming helplessly under you.

Dazed but energized I knew I wanted to, no, needed to have you in my mouth.

“Your turn,” I think I said, making you smile as you swapped positions to lie back on the bed, leaving room for me to kneel beside you. I let my eyes drift form yours, down over your chest and stomach until they reached your cock, standing to attention. I slid my fingers deep inside myself, collecting my juices, and spread them over your tip, enjoying the transfixed expression on your face as you watched.

Lowering my head, your cock twitched, as if he was trying to reach my lips by his own power, making me giggle. My tongue lazily circled your head, my fingers cupping and playing with your balls. Slowly, deliberately, I licked along your entire length, and took you fully into my mouth and sucking, stroking, flicking my tongue, using every trick I knew to pleasure you. I remember hearing your groan when I opened my throat to take you deeper, your hands in my hair, pulling my head up.

“No, I’m too close and I want to fuck you,” your voice was gravelly and breathless.

Wiping my wet lips with the back of my hand I sat up and positioned myself over you, giving you complete access to see all of me, and lowered down onto you. I think we both moaned out loud at the relief of finally having your cock inside me.

Leaning my ass back against your muscular thighs, I rode you, my desire overtaking any shyness or inhibitions I may have had at the start. Feeling your cock fill me, hitting my spot inside, creating waves of pleasure, I didn’t care about how I looked. My fingers found my clit and I gave you quite a show. You were grasping my hips, almost painfully, supporting me as I fucked myself as you fucked me. I felt myself coming, my cunt clenching around you as you exploded inside me, our sweat soaked bodies shuddering together.

That was our first time, as I remember it… before you tied me to the bedposts and brought out the pinwheel and clamps. Then the fun really began…



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