365 Questions Day 9


Hmmmm… My current favourite snack…

I have cultivated a love for something that, prior to last summer, I had banned from my diet for about 10 years… crisps!

Those little crunchy, fat-laden morsels of savoury, salty bursts of flavour are so fucking addictive! My new love of crisps has certainly shown itself in my expanding waistline and overflowing bra cups.

I must give up the evil, but oh so delicious little monsters!

I have four packets left in my pantry… I should just bin them, cold turkey style, but the Irish ‘you can’t throw away food’ voice inside me says different.

Perhaps I will eat them over the next few days, try to savour them, not gobble them down, and using the words of Lord Sugar, “with regret, I must let you go”.

Back to yogurt and fruit then…


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