365 Questions Day 7


Yes I think people are capable of change.

We are constantly evolving, growing and changing throughout our lives. If we are not, there is something wrong I think. I know for certain I am not the same person I was when I met the OH for example, and I am married to a different man today than I was ten years ago.

Life experiences certainly shape how we grow and change to a large extent, but I think the fundamental basis to change is the conscious reaction we have to these life events.

We can, to a large degree, control how any experience shapes us – we can use it to become bitter, cut off, resentful, or we can see it as a learning opportunity and reframe it in a positive light, it could make us stronger, more resilient.

I think to actually, really change, a person has to WANT to do so. I have a sibling who has always been a rude, self-centred asshole and, despite several opportunities to change his behaviour and attitude, remains a rude, self-centred asshole to this day. Perhaps he is incapable of change, or perhaps he simply cannot be arsed to put in the work.

Maybe it’s the idealist in me… I know the OH leans more towards the “people are who they are” and “a leopard doesn’t change it’s spots” school of thought.

I need to believe that people can turn themselves around, if they want to. It is not easy, but it is possible.


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9 thoughts on “365 Questions Day 7

  1. I am proof you can change. I was a sad, depressed person, and I opened my mind and decided I needed to accept ME for who I am… been feeling much happier since!
    One can change, but only if one wishes. Though at times, some habits are so ingrained that they come back to bite us (My dad showed this to me again over Christmas. I’d thought he’d changed, most of him has. But… a tiny, stubborn and uncomfortable part remains. Sigh!).

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