TMI Tuesday… Sexsaaaay!




What is sexier…

1. arms or shoulders?

I love broad shoulders on a man and a strong chest but for me it will always come back to the arms. I have a particular love for forearms… that little cut drives me wild! As it happens though, if a guy has good arms it is unlikely that he will have a weak looking chest or shoulders.

BTW… throw a couple of tattoos on that forearm and I’m all yours!

2. ass or legs?

As a rugby fan, I do LOVE a good muscular thigh!

3. pussy or dick? Why?

Both, for different reasons. Cock because of what it can do and how it can make me feel. But, sorry guys, they look ridiculous! Pussies are pretty little things – much nicer to look at. Plus, my own brings me so much pleasure, of course I love her!

4. feet or hands? Why?

Feet are gross! End of.

I have a bit of a fetish for hands… big, strong hands on a man are so sexy! If they are big enough to cover my face, (and I am lucky to have a small head and face), uh…

5. muscles or brains?

Brains always! Muscles are all well and good but if a guy can’t have a real conversation, a debate, make me laugh and make me think, then he is just not for me. I am a sapiophile.

Bonus: Do you think you’re sexy?

I think my ability to engage with people and make them laugh makes me sexy. I am an outrageous flirt too.


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Happy TMI Tuesday!

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