365 Questions Day 3


Am I content?

In many ways, yes. I have a good marriage, a nice home, enough money to live, two adorable dogs.

In other ways I am not content at all. I want to lose weight, get healthier, get fitter, improve my blogging habits, do more, try new things. In short be a better version of me!

I think it is ok to not feel totally content. If we all felt 100% content I wonder if we would ever actually do anything? Try anything? Stretch ourselves? Being too content, I think, stifles us.


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2 thoughts on “365 Questions Day 3

  1. I think it’s okay to give ourselves room to be content in some aspects, and not so in others. We should always keep on challenging ourselves, improving ourselves. But not to the point where it makes us unhappy…

    Rebel xox

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