Thank You Rebel!

I opened twitter this morning and was delighted to see a notification from the lovely Marie Rebelle telling me that I had made it into her Top 20 of ’15!


Given that she had already very graciously included two of my blog posts in her Rebel’s Year In Review round up, I was tickled every shade of pink.

Rebel runs a fantastic sex and body positive blog that I am always excited to visit.

Her meme Wicked Wednesday is up there with my very favourite events to participate in. She also runs the Menopause Diaries, which I find a very valuable resource, as I have no older women in my life to guide me through this once it happens. She is a regular contributor to Sinful Sunday, Kink of the Week and my own meme Food For Thought Friday which I co-run with The Kilted Wookie.

I find her to be inspiring, funny, sweet, kind and generous and would love to meet her, and her husband Master T, in person one day.

Thank you Rebel for your ongoing support… It is very much appreciated.

If you haven’t already visited her blog I heartily recommend you fix that right away!

This is my final post of this year so I will wish you all a wonderfully happy 2016!



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All rights reserved.


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