Sinful Sunday… The Grinch


I’m sorry you guys!

It was either not participate at all, (as if!), or this.

The OH and I are both nursing lurgies and the mood is low and far from sinful, (unless spousal homicide counts).

Add to that my general non-love for Xmas and it results in a poorly, Grinchy, bah humbug type of Kat!

I’ll be back on form next week I promise!


See who else is feeling sinful…


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32 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday… The Grinch

  1. I had to smile at how perfectly you conveyed your point & sentiment through your photo. Sorry you are not feeling “sinful” however I can relate. Christmas just isn’t the same for us anymore. Just no you’re not the only one with a “general dis-like for Christmas.”

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