His Gift (Friday Flash #1)




“Did you get it?”

Her fingertips caressed the gift wrapped box, “Yes, it’s here.”

“Open it baby,” he breathed over the line.

She untied the burgundy satin bow and slipped the ribbon from the embossed cream oblong. Opening the box to reveal layers of silver and gold tissue paper, she smiled and lifted out his gift.


“It’s lovely! Very sexy Sir. Thank you.”

She listened closely to his instructions before hanging up.


The restaurant was busy and it was not long before she had a trickle of sweat running down her spine as she ushered customers to their tables, took orders and delivered hot plates to hungry and impatient diners. Longing for her break, she gulped some ice water behind the bar between servings. Her phone beeped in her apron pocket. She knew he expected her to read the text immediately. Sneakily she slipped her phone out and quickly scanned the messages. Grinning she fired off a quick reply and picked up her order pad to resume work.

Finally her break time arrived and she escaped to the cool of the back alley, the sweat on her skin instantly drying in the breeze.

Glancing around to be sure she was alone, she began her task.

Hitching her tight black skirt up over her hips, she angled her phone and snapped a few shots to send to him, demure, legs closed, just a hint of what was to come.

Her phone beeped – “Good girl. More.”

Undoing her tailored black work shirt, she felt the cool night air caress her breasts and felt her nipples harden and peep out through the holes in the fishnet body stocking that had tortured her, making her overheat as she waited tables. Pinching her nipples between her fingers to stretch them fully she took another picture for him, beginning to feel more and more turned on, hoping he would reply quickly.

“Who is a filthy little tramp hanging out in dark alleyways by the dumpsters, playing with herself?”

His voice startled her. Almost dropping her phone, she turned and saw his outline against the hazy streetlight at the open end of the alley.

“Oh! You scared me!”

He chuckled low under his breath as he cupped her chin in his hand, “I need to keep you on your toes little girl,” his eyes travelled down her body, taking in her exposed, disheveled state.

Leading her around behind the giant dumpster, away from any potential prying eyes he commanded, “Open. Let Sir see his cunt,” as he stepped back to appreciate the view.

Leaning back against the concrete wall, she spread her legs wide and reached down to the open crotch of fishnet to part her lips for him.

“Look at that pretty wet cunt. Is my little girl hot for Sir?”

She licked her lips, nodded, “Yes.”

“Does my little tramp want Sir’s touch?”

Breathless, “Yes please.”

“Touch yourself.”

She moved her hand and slid two fingers inside her hot, needy cunt.

“Play little girl, fuck yourself for me.”

One hand squeezing her breast, she circled her lips and clit, her hips rocking rhythmically, eyes locked on his face as he watched her get closer and closer to release.

“Oh little girl, you look so good. Do you want to come?”

Nodding her head vigorously, panting, “Yes! Yes please. May I come?”

Smiling, he shook his head slowly, “No. I think your break is over sweet girl. No orgasm just yet. Now lick those fingers and fix yourself up.”

Struggling to swallow down the groan of frustration in her throat, she glared at him, knowing that look will cost her later but not caring, she sucked on her fingers, tasting her own arousal, before arranging her clothes.

“I will see you inside. I seem to have developed an appetite.”

He turned and walked towards the streetlight, to the front of the restaurant.

“Dammit!” she cursed under her breath as she opened the door to the kitchen and went back to work, knowing his eyes will be following her, burning into her like a laser until the end of her shift.

The constant, unsatisfied throb between her legs would make it feel like a long night.


Copyright, 2016, illicitthoughts.wordpress.com

All rights reserved.


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