A Sincere Thank You

This day last week I wrote a very difficult and painfully honest post about my battle with body image and self acceptance.

I feared at the time that I would receive a backlash and that people would read it and think I was self absorbed, shallow and vain.

Nevertheless, I posted it because it felt important on a personal level to expose my demons. I am still not sure why it felt important, but it did.

I wanted today to post a quick but very sincere thank you to all the people who read it and wrote such kind and supportive comments. I was blown away by the compassion and empathy I was shown.

In addition, I was somehow comforted, (whilst also very much saddened), to discover so many of my readers had similar issues to mine. If nothing else, I hope my sharing my story helped some other people feel less isolated and less ‘freakish’ about the demons they carry and battle with.

Thank you all for being the wonderful, kind and generous people you are!

IMG_9358Hugs all round!


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3 thoughts on “A Sincere Thank You

  1. A big hug back to you 🙂
    One in four is the figure always mentioned when it comes to mental health but I’m sure it’s probably higher than that. I know I’m not counted in official figures because for various reasons I’ve never seen a doctor to be ‘officially’ diagnosed with anything, although I have been involved with several support groups. And while it’s not nice or easy to read, or to write about it does help. That knowledge that you aren’t alone, no matter how crappy you feel, and that there are people out there who care enough to comment and show support really can help. And sometimes even just the writing and sharing helps.
    I just wish sometimes that I could do more than give virtual hugs.
    But here’s one anyway *HUGS* stay well

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