Exciting Times!

Hey, hey, hey!

I have an anouncement!

My lovely hirsute friend, the Kilted Wookie, and I have joined forces, become partners in crime, hitched our wagons together, whatever…

We have a wonderful new weekly meme for you all to join in with!

It sprang from my natural, unending curiosity and my new love for Twitter polls. I posed a question for my followers to vote on and the Wookster suggested my nosiness about how people think and feel about ‘stuff’ could be put to broader use in the form of a meme.

Off he went, (little techie genius that he is), and set up our new site, Food For Thought Friday, (F4TF), which is up and running right now.

Our hope is that people, (ie: YOU GUYS!), will consider the questions we pose every Friday, write a post about their take on them and link back to us on our comments box.

Its easy peasy… see?


So, I do hope with all my little heart that you will join in, share your thoughts, voice your opinion, get a debate started.

Go on… you KNOW you want to leave a little something in my box!




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